YouTube is the second largest global search engine just behind Google itself.

It’s a bit surprising at first however, when you look at the number of videos posted every day, ranging from high-speed gaming videos to relaxing ASMR videos, we quickly recognize the volume of traffic being that way.

However, YouTube recommendations aren’t always the most effective. Channels you don’t enjoy can sometimes be hidden in results for searches, but you can remove YouTube channels you don’t enjoy viewing quite easily.

If you’d like to stop YouTube channels from your YouTube account, we’ll show you the steps you’ll have to do.

Blocking a YouTube Channel From Commenting on Your Videos

If you’re an YouTuber and have an audience, you’ve likely been a victim of the evils of YouTube Trolls. Poor comments on your YouTube videos could be problematic However, you can remove other YouTube channels as well as accounts that make comments on your video.

They are able to continue watching YouTube videos but will not be able to post negative feedback. You can block channels on both the desktop as well as the mobile version of YouTube.

Blocking in Your Web Browser

In order to block the person from your browser, type in the person you want to block using the search bar at the top, and click their profile picture in the event that you find them on another website. It will redirect you to their channel’s homepage.

Make sure you have the tab is selected. Make sure that the Tab is on. Then, select the flag symbol in order to begin the process.

From the popup menu select to block the user.

An alert message should be displayed warning the user that blocking their account will block them from commenting on video you post. Select “Submit” for confirmation of your decision.

The user will not be able to comment to your YouTube videos. To remove them follow the same procedure and select to unblock the userinstead.

Blocking on Mobile Devices

When you’re on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device you can block YouTube users by using the YouTube application.

To accomplish this, you must search for the channel and then click their profile. On the right hand side of your screen, press on the three-dot option icon.

Click on the block useroption to exclude this account from being viewed by that.

The channel has been blocked by the user from making comments on videos. You are able to repeat these steps to allow the user at a later time in case you decide to.

Blocking a YouTube Channel From Appearing in Your Feed

For YouTube users, you may also want to block YouTube channels from showing up in your feed, suggestions and more.

If you’ve become bored with the channel (or was not interested whatsoever in it) it is possible to stop the channel from being shown with these tips.

Blocking in Your Web Browser

To access this feature on a laptop or desktop computer laptop, visit the YouTube homepage there’s an organized collection of videos that are recommended. Browse through the suggestions for any video you do not like.

Underneath the thumbnail of a video under the thumbnail, click to reveal the Three dots menu icon.

In the pop-up menu, select either not interestedor Do not suggest channel.

Uninterested doesn’t exclude a specific channel from your suggestions. Instead, it blocks videos with similar content to the ones you’re claiming that you aren’t interested in.

If you’d like to block the channel entirely then pick that option. Do not recommend the channeloption instead. Once you’ve completed this the channel will disappear from your list of recommendations.

If you’ve clicked on this accidentally, you’ll be able to immediately reverse the step, but after you’ve left the page, you can’t go back. So make sure to remove channels from your suggestions prior to you do this.

Blocking on Mobile Devices

If you’re looking to accomplish this with your Android, iPhone, or iPad device The steps are identical.

Start the YouTube app and locate the suggested video channel or channel that you dislike. When you’ve found it click on the three-dot icon that is below it.

On the main menu choose either channel you are not interested inor Do not suggest channeloptions.

The type of content , or the whole channels (depending on the choice you make) is no longer going to be displayed on your list of suggestions.

Blocking a YouTube Channel From Search Results

If you’re looking to block the YouTube channel from showing up in search results, sorry. It isn’t possible with any directly YouTube methods.

The positive side lies in the fact that you can use Google Chrome extensions which can help you. Extensions are amorphous and the appropriately-named channel blocker extensions can help you remove channels that you do not like from the results of your searches.

Alternatives are readily available. Just search for channel blockers within the Chrome Web Store to find similar extensions to install. If you’re using the latest Chrome-powered Microsoft Edge browser, you are able to install these extensions within Edge also.

Take Control of Your YouTube Experience

There are a lot of ways and techniques that you can use to enhance your YouTube experience a bit more pleasant. Blocking channels is just one example, but there’s some other options you could consider if you want to make the most of YouTube.

If you’ve discovered a YouTube video or playlist that you like it’s a good idea to learn how to loop a YouTube footage to keep it playing on repeat. You can also transfer YouTube videos onto other devices however, when you’re spending a lot of time on YouTube it’s possible to find out the amount of time you’ve spent on YouTube to ensure you don’t get off your place.