The article talks about Youneedchanels the com the site that offers information from NBC about the cancellation of channels.

NBC located in the United States is included among the numerous NBC Universal channels running in the world-wide video platform YouTube. However, there is concerns about users losing access to the channels in an ongoing carriage issue with Google.

The banner has also added the following 14 channels that users might not be able to view on YouTube in the event that the dispute cannot be solved within the timeframe specified. But, there is some new developments on the web, i.e.,

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Reason for Removing The Channels From The List

According to sources, NBC Universe in the United States has begun its advertising campaign in which users are informed about the ongoing battle with Google. In addition, it will conclude with YouTube TV that could eliminate 14 channels.

With the demise of the channel, NBC has taken measures to ensure that there is no loss. NBC sends users to in which they provide the reasons behind the decision to drop the channel.

In the next paragraphsbelow, we’ll examine what exactly is the issue and also provide additional details.

Some More Information on the Contract Dispute

According to the most recent update, the deal that was signed between Google with NBC Universe will end on 30 September 2021. In addition, the cost per month has been reduced from $64.99 to $54.99.

The NBC is looking for reasonable rates under the agreement without which it’s not in a position to move forward with the renewal of the contract.

What is Youneedchanels com ?

The You require channel com website created with NBC Universal that provides users details about YouTube dropping more than 14 channels. Additionally, it offers an important platform for both fans and customers to take action by clicking the now button to stop loss.

Customers are directed to talk to their YouTube TV support and present the support with a link to change their streaming provider.

Which Channels Will Be Taken Down By YouTube?

In the non-renewal contract with YouTube TV and NBC Universe subscribers could be denied access to 14plus channels. The channels are listed on YouTube channel.

They include CNBC, E!, NBC, Oxygen, Bravo, Golf Channel, MSNBC, SYFY, Universo, The Olympic Channel, Telemundo, Universal Kids, USA Network including CNBC, E!, NBC and Universo.

The Final Verdict

The site provides a lucrative platform to inform subscribers about the current state of affairs with regard to the current relationship between YouTube TV and NBC Universe and their contract renewal. The contract expires on the 30th of September in 2021 the termination could result in subscribers losing access to the channels they love that YouTube will discontinue.

Furthermore, the information provided in website is correct and not fake, which leads users to additional information. This article should give an accurate and complete understanding of the subject. Find more information about the contract on the website.

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