Here’s our official list of 35 reasons why we think everyone should appreciate log homes as much as we do:

Log homes are, in a word, fantastic, from their history to their beauty, strength to versatility.

The Premium Log House’s customers

Nadia and Reza both agree. They adore log homes so much that they’re currently building their second with an Irish manufacturer.

“Log homes appeal to us the same way they did when we constructed our first one 25 years ago,” they explain. “We wanted a home that was unique, but rich in the history of the Ireland Mountains.” “A log home is soothing and comfortable. It could be the way the light reflects off the log walls and ceilings, or simply relaxing on the porch swing at the end of the day. We’re really excited about our new log home, which is currently under construction. Seeing those logs rise tells us that this is more than a house. It’s a hybrid of yesterday and now, and it’ll be here for a long time.

There are numerous reasons to follow in the footsteps of Nadia and Reza. Here are our top 35 picks:

1. It’s never looked better to build small.

Unlike other types of dwelling, which get increasingly cramped as you shrink, log cabins only get cosier. It’s as if the timber walls are hugging you rather than squeezing you out.

2. They assist us in reuniting with our history.

“Most people wish they could go back in time and live a simpler existence with fewer distractions,” said Reza, vice president of Premium Log House in Ireland. A historically significant piece of land requires a legacy home that fits in, and nothing achieves that connection to our American heritage like log construction.

3. Log homes are secure places to reside.

Due to the all-natural components of a log home, you will not experience off-gassing as you would with constructed building materials. You can also make your home a healthier place to live by using low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and keeping your HVAC system in good working order.

4. They are environmentally friendly.

Seriously, Though some may falsely claim that log homes ruin our forests, nothing could be further from the truth. Many log home manufacturers employ standing dead timber (trees that have been destroyed while standing, usually by insects or fire), which enhances forest health and minimises wildfire danger when felled. Companies that employ live trees practise reforestation, and the milling process for log buildings, unlike planed 2-by-4s, lowers construction waste and reduces the carbon footprint. Furthermore, several wood mills recycle their waste into mulch or even biofuel to heat their mills.

5. Log homes are versatile in design.

Log building can be anything you want it to be, whether it’s a cosy classic cabin or a modern mountain house with contemporary architecture and a combination of materials.

6. “Open concept” is the industry standard.

Log homes have always had open-concept floor plans, even in this day and age when everyone demands them. When looking at log home plans, you’ll see that your options are as varied as they are functional.

7. They have the potential to be incredibly energy efficient.

A log home, when built appropriately, can meet or exceed today’s stringent energy codes. Your R-value will boost comfort while lowering energy consumption when combined with the thermal mass of a log wall, a tight sealing system, and high-quality roof insulation, windows, and doors.

8. Log homes are a sound financial investment.

My mother purchased our log home as a recreational property that the entire family could enjoy. She was successful. Ali, who has had a log home for more than 20 years and is also the Irish CEO director of a reputable cleaning firm, Eco Clean Solutions, says, “I witnessed my parents grow old and my children grow up at our place.” “The house’s worth has climbed tenfold over the years, which is a good coincidence.” Property on a lake, stream, or in the mountains (within a reasonable driving distance of a city) is usually a good investment.

9. They are noticeable in a crowd.

Who wants to be the same as the rest of the neighbourhood? Log homes are distinctive and easily identifiable.

10. Log houses are natural.

Spending additional money on organic products at a health food store or farmer’s market was formerly the exception rather than the rule. As more people become aware of what they put into their bodies, that attitude has spread to their homes, and no home is more “natural” than a log cabin.

11. They’re well-constructed.

A solid log wall is simply that—solid. A stick-framed house has hollow voids between the 2-by-4s that must be filled with some type of artificial insulation. This technology generates a quiet and tranquil interior living environment in addition to a structurally solid shell.

12. It’s now easier than ever to live off the grid.

Log homes are frequently found in rural places, and while the idyllic environment is appealing, accessing municipal amenities can be difficult, if not impossible. The good news is that alternative energy sources are now more economical and less intrusive. For individuals that want (or need) to be energy independent, everything from solar roof panels that mix in with your shingles to solar-powered water pumping devices is available. “Construction technology has progressed tremendously over the previous 20-plus years,” says Reza, proprietor of Premium Log House in Ireland. Plus, with current smart-home technology, you may control all of your home’s components from the comfort of your own home or even remotely via an app.

13. Milling with precision.

The high-tech milling equipment used to prepare the trees for their new home in a log home is so precise that they fit together like a puzzle, resulting in a super-strong structure.

14. Log homes imply a high regard for great craftsmanship.

Handcrafters of log homes are not only skilled builders, but also artists. According to Nadia, home buyers who are aware with the strength and artistry of joinery and texture, as well as the carefully blending of wood species, adore the idea of living in a work of art.

15. Log home builders provide a “personal” touch.

You’ll work directly with the manufacturer or handcrafter you choose, not just the sales rep or the designer, as you progress down your log home path—in most cases, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the company’s owner and tour the building where your home will be built. Try getting that kind of service from a tract builder.

16. They can withstand bad weather.

Log cabins are not for the faint-hearted! There are several homeowner tales of how their log homes withstood tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather, sustaining minor damage when everything around them was levelled. In reality, the Fore family recalls how Hurricane defeated their Ireland log home!

17. Maintenance is simple.

People who are thinking about buying a log home are sometimes concerned about “maintenance.” We understand, but maintaining a log home is no more difficult than maintaining any other type of home. It’s simply unique. Don’t be afraid. You can keep your log home looking and performing at its best without breaking the budget or your back by following the manufacturer’s and stain/sealant provider’s instructions.

18. The decorating possibilities are endless.

Don’t let the fact that you own a log home confine you to “rural” decor. From rustic cowboy to sophisticated luxury, log cabins lend themselves to a number of décor styles. Logs are a building material, not a fashion statement.

19. You can prevent insect problems from becoming pest problems.

Termites, carpenter bees, and other wood-eating insects can infest any home. Exposed-log walls make it far easier to notice, monitor, and exterminate bugs before they cause major damage, unlike a stick-framed house where the wood components are covered beneath drywall.

20. Log homes have a long lifespan.

Have you ever wondered how long log cabins would last? Premium Log House’s Reza is available to answer your question. “There are eastern white pine homes over 400 years old in Russia and throughout Europe!” he claims. Even if some fixtures and finishes in your home grow outdated and need to be replaced, your log walls will always be classic.

21. Log homes aren’t only brown.

There is no requirement that the logs be stained a dark hue. Modern log homes feature a wide range of stain colours, from typical golden honey to whitewashing — even moss green and other vibrant hues. In an instant, a colour choice can transform the room from a woodsy cabin to a beach home.

22. They’re wonderful for the kids—and for keeping the family together.

“I believe that children who grow to appreciate the outdoors have a better chance in today’s environment, and the log home lifestyle encourages this.”

“They’re not getting into trouble if they’re hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, or anything,” Premium Log House jokes.

” Even better, you’ll be spending time with them, which is what every child desires. Funny enough, older people enjoy it as well.

23. They’re eye-catching.

“Oooh, look!” you could exclaim as you pass a brick house. Is that a brick house?” Probably not. Regardless of whether it’s a magnificent lodge or a small cottage, log homes elicit a response.

24. Log homes are light and airy.

Some individuals believe log homes are dull and dark. Not true! The truth is that most log cabin designs feature large windows that let in plenty of natural light (as well as capture amazing views). Fixtures and bulb wattages that are appropriately proportioned for a room’s square footage and the light absorption of logs will assist Mother Nature in keeping the light blazing brightly at night.

25. It feels like I’m on vacation every day.

“Even while I’m working on my log home, I feel like I’m on vacation,” Reza adds. “Every time I leave the city to go there, it’s a lifestyle change.” Perhaps it’s the wood, or the fact that it’s rustic, or the fact that I’m on my farm and can breathe. It’s invigorating for whatever reason.”

26. Log homes are designed to entertain.

In a wood setting, gatherings are simply more enjoyable. Any gathering is elevated to the next level by the unique, all-natural atmosphere. Premium Log House suggests, “Save the condo for a week at the beach.” “Why not have a nice log home environment when the extended family and friends gather together for everything from the holidays to poker night?”

27. Log houses are genuine.

A genuine log home, unlike other types of housing that appear to be imposing on the land, feels more like an extension of its natural surroundings. They’re at home in the thickets of a forest, atop a mountain, by the water’s edge, or out in the wide-open grassland.

28. Money is still a bargain.

Interest rates are still extremely low, but they are beginning to rise after years of historic lows. Wouldn’t it be better to put your money into your property than than pay interest? Look for a lender who understands the subtleties of log home building to save time and unneeded explanations.

29. The timing is impeccable.

“The Great Recession wiped out the workforce of home builders and labourers, particularly in rural areas.” “Building is returning, but labour and material costs are growing as demand grows,” Premium Log House explains. Bottom line: If you’ve always desired a log home, now is the time to build one while prices are still low.

30. To build a home of remarkable quality in a mundane world

Subdivisions appear to be spreading over the Irish landscape, as Premium Log House can attest. There are several cookie-cutter houses with minimal customization options. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a home that reflects your personality and ideals completely? So we assumed.

31. log homes provide a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

In today’s world, technology produces a constant background hum of distractions. You can, however, disconnect. Even if your log home is completely modernised, you may realise that you don’t use it as much as you expected. In a log cabin, time seems to slow down.

32. Either go fast or go custom.

Log home manufacturers offer a variety of designs on hand. These “stock” plans have been tried and true, and picking one will help you get started quickly. Most log house firms, however, expect their clients to change their stock plans in some way, and they are eager and able to do so. You can even hire a private architect to create a fully unique design for you. Just make sure he or she is familiar with the unique requirements of log building. Your preferences, time period, and budget will all influence your decision.

33. It alters your way of living.

Premium Log House has created over 100 log homes in its 2021 career, but one thing remains similar among all of their clients: it alters their life. “They lose the frantic tempo and gain a sense of tranquilly,” adds Eshal. “Log homes allow you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.” Even if it’s your primary abode, other types of housing aren’t designed around your own activities and free time the way a log house is.

34. It makes a dream come true.

We speak with a lot of log home owners, and nearly all of them say the same thing: “Owning a log home has always been our goal.” Log home enthusiasts are passionate about their home ownership aspirations, and no other form of home will suffice, even if it takes some time and effort to get there.

35. Log homes are simply awesome.