Depending upon the product type and nature, several design ideas can be used on brown Kraft boxes to make them stand out. The designs on the packaging are as important as the product itself as they are the real face of the product inside. The buyers only look at the packages first; therefore, the packaging design is of immense importance, and you must take it seriously. It must be appealing enough that it can hook the attention of customers and make them notice your product. It is true that Kraft looks rough and is not as bright as cardboard is, but you can still make its design exciting to your advantage. Below are some vital tips in this regard. 

Use patterning:

There are infinite options for you when it comes to using different kinds of patterns in your Kraft packaging design. Try different-sized polka dots, which are an array of large filled circles to charm the conservative side of the target audience. This kind of pattern works well to appeal to people when paired with floral patterns. If you want to make the customers remember beautiful memories, art deco patterns could be the best choice to go with as they are known for creating a vintage feel. Likewise, the line art patterns are popular for conveying the modern and forward-thinking of your brand. While choosing the patterns, you must check out what your competing brands are doing and how they are employing patterns in their packaging design. Also, spend some time researching what your target audience likes, as this will help you in deciding the patterns that you need to include in your box design. 

Add illustrations:

The design of Kraft boxes wholesale can turn out to be fairly basic if you are not considering adding some kinds of illustrations to it. The illustrations offer you a great opportunity to convey the story of your brand to the target audience and explain your products visually. They are capable of communicating a massive amount of things through their line, color selection, and forms. Apart from that, you can use them in your brand-building process. By using the illustrations, you can reflect your original product through your packaging design to get the attention of customers. They can make your Kraft packages look more interesting and easier to read. When the customers see the illustrations, it presents a real image in front of them about your brand story and product packed inside. 

Utilize colors:

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from when it comes to the designing of Kraft packaging. Each of the hues is associated with different psychology and conveys a specific mood to the target audience. The specific moods draw the customers towards your product by enhancing the overall design of your box. One word of caution associated with colors is that you can easily overdo it. So, while selecting the color themes for your box design, you must ensure that they are relatable to the target audience. For instance, a specific color might mean something different for each different culture. While incorporating hues in your design, be aware of what you want the people to feel when they see your Kraft packages. The CMYK and PMS color models should be your preferred choice in this regard as they give greater color accuracy. These models can help you choose the hues that match the parent theme of your brand. 

Consider your fonts:

The fonts come in various sizes and styles, all of which convey a specific message to the target audience. They are beneficial in maintaining the readability of the text that you have printed in your Kraft box design. If your target audience is elders, you can select the relatively larger font sizes as the elders face difficulty in reading the printed text. However, the moderate size of the font works best for the relatively younger audience. Talking about the font styles, the sans serif presents a more modern style. Script lettering works best when you want to add a certain level of sophistication to your overall design. You may be tempted to use unique font styles, but while doing so, you may not be able to make the desired impression on the audience. So, keeping your approach simple in this regard will make your text easy to read and understand.  There is a wide range of choices when it comes to the printing of brown Kraft boxes. While printing these boxes, you can choose whatever patterns you want, such as stripes, chevron, polka dots, etc. Similarly, you can print them in many colors and fonts as per your desire.