Running a business and keeping it afloat is not easy. There are many things that require constant and minute-by-minute attention. One of those things is marketing and lead generation.

Every business needs to have something that promotes them and triggers a ‘call-to-action’ action between leads. If I could name one thing that is effective for business promotion, it would be an online fillable PDF form. The online fillable PDF form has lots of use for most businesses. Some use it to get insights from customers, some use it for registration, and some also use it for transactions such as payment and purchase.  

With that said, these online PDF forms need to be engaging enough so people won’t abandon them. You need to have a perfect combination of good design and persuasive content. To help you build your very first fillable PDF form, follow the steps below:

You can use an online fillable PDF tool to create the fillable form for your clients

The first thing that you need to understand is that PDFs aren’t fillable so you’ll need to convert them or create a fillable version of your PDFs for marketing.

Though both formats are considered standard and are used by people all over the world with high success rates. I still recommend using fillable PDFs because it is easier to use for anyone. You can create a fillable form with a simple tutorial. All you need is to find the right tool and you can start creating your fillable form.

The tutorial below is applicable for PlatoForms, an online PDF form tool designed to build, design, and turn PDF files into fillable forms.

Log in to your PlatoForms account to get started. Click the purple Start to Build button and select the next action that you’d like to do. You can choose from these options: Create Online Form for an Existing PDF or Create PDF Form from Scratch.

If you have an existing PDF, then upload it before clicking build a PDF online form. After clicking the build a PDF online form, you can then start designing and editing your online fillable PDF. 

Don’t forget to click Publish once done.

With this software, you can easily create a complete form using a template that can guide you or you can get more creative from scratch. You can add your logo to the form and make it as attractive as possible. But don’t include too many fields in the form. Keep them short and engaging so people actually want to fill them in. Lots of questions and gaps revolve around them.

Fill in the form

A form in which there is a field to enter text in a form to be filled out. When you want to type next, just click next to the relevant location and the box for the field will appear.

One thing to keep in mind when working in supplement form

* If you have Adobe Acrobat Approval and Adobe Acrobat Reader, a complete form can be saved.

* When working on a public machine, be sure to click the Delete This Form button once your completed form has been submitted or printed. This way you can prevent others from seeing what you have entered in the form

*Readable PDF forms will not work with any version of Reader released before Reader 7.0.

How to use a fill-in form?

* Move the cursor to where you want to write the text. Click and a box for the field will appear and then you can enter text.

* If you have a checkbox in the form to fill out, you must click the checkbox or use the tab key to select your checkbox. Once there, you can simply press the spacebar and check the box

* It’s best to use the tab key instead of the mouse to make sure you don’t miss a field.

* In the specific case of several lines, press the ENTER key to move to the next line.

* Using YOUR MOUSE, go to the field and click when the little hand turns into an i-ray. If you want to go back to the field you just left, hold down the SHIFT key by pressing the TAB key.

* If necessary, you can add several pages to the form to be filled out. However, you need to see if the option is available on the form you are filling out.

* To print the completed form, you need to click the Print This Form button at the bottom of the form: When the print box appears, click OK to print.

There are lots of things that you can do with online fillable PDFs and you can try it to boost your business!