What are fog lights?

One must drive a car without any distractions. There are a lot of factors that distract the driver. These factors include uneven roads and potholes. The main factor is fog. Fog outside blocks the vision of the driver, making it difficult to drive.

This is where car lights i.e fog lights are helpful. These lights help make the vision better. Many lights associated with a car and fog lights are an essential part of any car. Fog usually scatters light and makes the vision blurry.

Carmonkey sells used cars in Tamilnadu. These cars may have white fog lights or yellow fog lights. One must know which fog light is beneficial for the best driving experience.

Difference between headlights and fog lights

The fog lights are present at the bottom of a car, close to the road for better guidance. They are placed below the headlights. Headlights and fog lights are not the same things.

One must use headlights when the weather is normal. One must use fog lights during rain or fog. Headlights serve the most purpose for driving. Fog lights are only used in certain situations but play an important role.

Most people use headlights as fog lights which is not the right thing to do. Fog lights are never brighter than headlights. They only make the vision better. 

Fog lights have to be installed separately for every car if not present. One must always use fog lights whenever needed. The main reason why headlights are not chosen as fog lights is their placement.

The placement of the headlight is not ideal for navigating during fog. One can install the best fog lights for a car.

Importance of fog lights

The main reason is to increase the visibility of the driver for smoother driving. These lights help the driver to look at the road, landmarks and traffic during foggy weather. These fog lights make driving easier. These lights are the most important during rain, snow or fog.

Fog lights can help a person during daytime and nighttime. If these lights are not used during foggy weather, then it might result in slow driving. The worst cases could be accidents.

Fog lights can be turned off when not in use. They have to be turned off to avoid distracting other drivers. When the weather is clear, one can drive with the help of headlights. The fog lights may turn on in certain situations, but the driver must be aware and turn them off. 

Yellow fog lights vs white fog lights:

Many cars come with either yellow light or white light. However, some cars do not have fog lights whatsoever. It is important to note that fog lights are essential and have to be installed. 

White fog lights are much brighter than yellow. This is harsh on the human eye. The yellow light does not have a harsh effect on the human eye. Another important aspect is the wavelength.

Yellow light has a longer wavelength than that white light. The yellow light will illuminate for longer distances. The driver can see longer distances without getting distracted.

However, since the brightness of the yellow light is less, it may not be as useful as the white light in certain situations. The brightness keeps differing. When a brighter view is required, white light is beneficial. White light serves the purpose of a standard light. It is ideal for darker places. 

The most commonly preferred fog lights are yellow. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. One must know what the difference between the two lights is.

It is good if the car already has fog lights. If the car does not have fog lights, the owner can go for the yellow fog lights, which are beneficial. These lights can easily be installed with the help of certain services. 

Tamilnadu is a foggy place. Drivers here might experience distractions due to fog. The used cars in Tamilnadu sold by Carmonkey have all their cars installed with fog lights. This ensures the safety of every person.


Looking at the advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that yellow lights are preferable to fog lights. The yellow lights serve the exact purpose. Yellow lights have a longer wavelength on the colour spectrum than white light.

This makes them ideal for brightening the road for long distances. White light has a smaller wavelength, so it has a bright light but not long distances. People around the world also prefer white fog lights for their simplicity and versatility.

It is totally in the owners’ hands to choose which fog lights they want for their cars. They must keep in mind all the pros and cons. It should help them drive without any distractions.