Mr. Yavuz Yukselir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yukselir Group, predicted that there will be a new world order once the Covid-19 pandemic that will severely shake the global economy and change almost everything related to people’s daily life , I finished. He said: “The transition to a new world order will spread as fast as the virus itself. No country or geographic region will be immune to this change,” adding, “Some large companies will cease to exist and there will be a change in the way that people perceive art. “

As Covid-19 continues to affect people’s daily lives, the business world is also doing an economic and political analysis of virus-based scenarios. Mr. Yukselir said that countries, businesses and people who become extremely poor or wealthier due to the virus will be the determining factors after the pandemic and continued: “Governments around the world approve new and provisional stimulus packages In addition, two basic institutions, the FED and the IMF, are injecting a lot of money to guarantee that there is liquidity in dollars in the markets. And, once this abundant money is returned, we can face another economic crisis world “.

Is world leadership changing hands?

As the global economy is struggling with major contractions due to the Corona virus, the political side of the matter is also under discussion. Yukselir points out that China is not the only alternative. Mr. Yukselir commented: “China is classified as a world leader in military and economic terms; However, it has some deficiencies in politics and culture. The United States, the world’s leading power today, distanced itself from its previous approach to developing solutions globally and focused on itself. In an environment where the President of the United States of America is against globalism, it is natural that a new political debate is taking place about world leadership and potential candidates. However, it is also important what these potential candidates have to offer the world. China is perceived as one of the biggest contenders, but they lack a political model for the world’s citizens who are used to the rule of democracy. In addition to the United States and China centered on themselves, there is another compatible candidate who created a more homogeneous structure in terms of culture and politics. If the United Kingdom that cuts ties with the European Union can form a military unit that involves Commonwealth countries such as Canada and Australia, it can take global leadership in a world in which the United States maintains its anti-global policies. Furthermore, it is impossible not to think that new countries and borders will be created, even if it is believed that the United States will maintain its short-term focus focused on the local sphere and this order will last for another time “

 Our value judgments have changed from top to bottom

The Corona virus caught us unprepared regarding economic transformation and personal data, commented Mr. Yukselir and continued: “We, as individual users, have gone through a 5-year digital transformation in just 3 months. Our value judgments have completely changed. The value of a famous athlete or pop star is not equal to the value of a health worker. We must take into account the global unemployment that will come with this digital transformation and the changes in our value system. We will see the result of global unemployment in all labor intensive sectors. The psychological effects of income volatility on people working in these sectors and its impacts on societies will become apparent in art in the near future as well. Furthermore, we have seen accelerated nationalization efforts in health and transportation, even in western countries that are fierce advocates of liberalism. We will see countries at the forefront that favor state capitalism if we do not change our economic models. ”

Globalism strengthened with civil initiative

As debates about globalism continue on a global level, Mr. Yukselir points out that the current difficulties stem from half of globalization: “Globalizing the US dollar on the one hand and locating the production and supply chain on the other, or in the case of the yuan, locating the currency and defending globalization at the same time are not logical policies. After Covid-19, the relationship between the state and the people will have to be redefined. Another thing the pandemic showed us is that international establishments can be easily manipulated for the interests of a country. The world will support populist politicians for a period of time after the end of the crisis, yet sensitive minorities in these countries can show the world that they are infecting the global majority by establishing new civilized organizations. Some structures that appear to be too large to fail may take their place on the pages of history in the near future. ”

The transition to the New World Order will run as fast as the virus itself.

Mr. Yukselir believes that we will witness that change will take place at an accelerated rate in business, politics, economics and art. He said: “To preserve our values ​​in a rapidly changing environment, we have to constitute human-specific constants and we must express them as irrevocable laws of interaction of an individual with others. The only common point of all hypotheses about understanding the future is change. The transition to the New World Order will run as fast as the virus itself. No country or geographic region like Europe and the Middle East will be immune to this change. We will see new policies and politicians in this new world order. We will see that some great companies of today will not exist and we will observe that the human approach to art will also be transformed. A sudden and great change caused by the virus requires a new world order. In this new order, nothing will be the same and the relationship between humans and nature and life itself will also change. We are entering a time when people will question themselves. And this period of time represents the steps of the new world order … “