It is important to note that YouTube Mateta.Com is also used to search the world web as Do you believe that YouTube videos should be permitted to be imported without restriction? Although YouTube can upload videos to view while offline, do you think the convenience of importing them directly onto your device makes it more accessible? is a site that lets you import YouTube video in different formats straight on your device. Let’s learn more about the Y2 Mateta Com.

Brief of

Y2Mateta Com is popularly used to find it. website. There is no URL like https://www.Y2Mateta.Com on the internet. is an online platform that lets users to directly import videos onto your device by simply copying your URL for the movie. It can convert videos to eight formats, and select video resolutions ranging from 144P to 1080P, and audio quality up to 128KBPS.

Features of

  • Import YouTube videos from
  • The ability to connect with social networks platforms isn’t offered.
  • Physical address is Physical Address isnot listed for
  • Terms Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms is available on however, plagiarism is a problem.
  • The Y2 Matetacom Y2 MatetacomPhone phone number does not appear to be available.
  • The email address is the email address
  • The information about the owner is not available on
  • does not offer newsletters.

Pros of Y2Mate:

  • allows you to convert videos into MOD, WEBM, FLV 3GP, WMV, MP4 and M4V formats.
  • lets you upload videos to Youku, Dailymotion, Facebook and YouTube as well as other sources.
  • allows you to import music and videos onto your device.

Cons of

  • It’s an illegal site that is not authorizedsite to convert video from various platforms.
  • Each social media site does not recommend it for conversion and the import of their video content.

Is Y2 Mateta Com Legitimate?

  • was launched on the 10th August, 2016 at 04:44.02 PM.
  • Expires on 10th August 2026 at 04:44:02 PM.
  • The site is 5 years 4, 4 months, and 14 days old.
  • receives an 84% trust rating.
  • boasts a fantastic 264 rank on Alexa.
  • was founded in Panama.
  • is not listed as blacklisted.
  • transfer data via HTTPS protocol. HTTPS protocol.
  • has no social media profiles.

Customers Reviews:

There are numerous positive reviews online regarding There are mixed reviews on trusted review sites for Y2 MatetaCom. There are some positive reviews on YouTube. There aren’t any website or service reviews available on The site is not available in social networks. Thus, there are no reviews discovered on social media websites.

Conclusion on

The results of a search on will lead the user to may be a legitimate website because of its high trust score, high Alexa ranking , and positive reviews. However, it is important to note that FB and other websites prohibit the installation of videos on their platform , and they define that it is a criminal offense. Therefore, we don’t recommend