Read this article to find out why Xur’s Character isn’t Displaying and the best place to find the character.

Are you a dedicated gaming enthusiast? Do you enjoy keeping all the latest happenings in the gaming world within your reach? Did you know about the latest happenings within Destiny along with Xur? If you’d like to be aware, read this article to get the specifics.

It is experiencing this problem within the United States,and it is because the character that is merchant Xur isn’t showing up,and it has been for a while.

The game Destiny?

Destiny as well as Destiny 2 are two games that were released consecutively and feature a game that features a character in a first-person shooting game.

The game is developed by the Bungie company. Bungie and is released under Activision. The game outside of Japan is only available for Playstation 3 and 4 and Xbox 360 and Xbox One The PC version is not available.

According to the creators of the game, it is not a shooter game for first-person players in any sense it is more of plot development and a story-driven experience.

Xur Is Not Showing Up – Who is Xur?

The players from both Destiny or Destiny 2 have one thing they know to be certain of: they can depend on Xur the Xur who provides exclusive merchandise for players each weekend, usually on Fridays.

The Xur is a distinctive Non-Playing Character, also known as an NPC who is a top seller of exclusive arms, weapons and other accessories that allow players to upgrade and advance to the next level.

One of the things about the NPC Character Xur is that he’s extremely difficult to find. Many players do not know where or where to locate Xur for the event that they require specific objects.

Why Is Xur Not Showing Up? Recent events:

Recently, players from America United Statesfaced an issue: they were unable to locate Xur in the places in which the character is likely to pop up.

Initially, it was believed to be a small glitch however many players switched characters and restarted the game however, they were unable to help.

This issue continued for a number of days, and players began to become anxious about the events within the game. This issue led to an uproar and players were on various gaming channels to ask: why Xur not showing up?

Does Xur gone or is it just a glitch?

When the player went missing out of the field for a few days, the players became anxious since they could not find the player within the tower. However, according to certain specialists, from the 24th September, 2021 Xur is missing every single Sunday, and returns every Friday, randomly on the rocky cliffto the north of the Winding Cove Landing Zone.


To make it clear We would like to conclude that Xur will remain an NPC and won’t disappear without the company letting it know beforehand. Therefore, Xur Is Not Displayingat normal is not a problem, and the character remains present. It is possible to learn the details about the location of Xur.

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