A total of $4.1 millions worth of prize money will be awarded which includes gift cards of $1000 and a grand prize of $1 million in cash.

The campaign was initiated in the Million Dollar Vax Alliance – an association of philanthropists as well as corporations with the goal to increase the rate of vaccination in Australia.

“The purpose of the promotion is not to convince people to be vaccinated,” Craig Winkler of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance said.

“That’s something you need to consult with a healthcare professional.

“The promotion is simply designed to reward those who decide to get vaccinated today instead of waiting for the next vaccine, so that we can limit the negative impact on communities on the spread of COVID19.

“The faster we reach higher vaccination rates nationally, higher than 80%, the sooner we all can safely resume our full range of community and business activity.”

The campaign was an inspiration from the same campaign that was run in Ohio, the US State of Ohio.

Everyone Australian individuals who’ve been vaccinated or are scheduled to be vaccinated are qualified to enroll in.

To be eligible, applicants have to provide the details of their personal information, including name, birth date as well as their phone number and email address.

Vaccine update

Australia is just days away from achieving a major milestone in its COVID-19 deployment, with the number of jabs administered towards 30 million.

More than 79 percent of Australians who are between the ages of 16 and over have had at minimum 1 dose of vaccine with about 56 per cent are fully inoculated against the disease.

Four million jabs were given in the last fortnight in the last fortnight.

Achieving 80 percent single-dose vaccination coverage assures that the country will have 80% of people who are 16 or over completely protected from COVID-19 – which is the threshold needed to reopen the country’s border.

States and territories can enjoy their new liberties at various dates, with coverage for vaccination in home quarantine and vaccination programs differing across the jurisdictions.

However, as the nation draws close to the conclusion of the initial vaccinations, National Cabinet, which was held on Friday, approved a plan to begin third dose booster vaccines later in the year.

Australians who are vaccinated for COVID-19 have the possibility of winning $1 million as part of the launch of a new campaign aimed at increasing the nation’s vaccine rates.

It is expected that the Million Dollar Vax campaign will award a total prize worth of $4.1 millions worth of prize money to those who have been vaccinated against the disease in the coming four and two weeks.

The contest will give away gift cards to participants every day and will culminate in the $1 million prize. It will be awarded on November 5th.

This campaign was the result that is the work of Million Dollar Vax Alliance, which is a partnership of philanthropists and corporations that want to push the rate of vaccination to 80 percent across the country as soon as is possible.

“The faster we reach higher vaccination rates nationally, higher than 80 per cent, the sooner we all can safely resume our full range of community and business activity,” Craig Winkler of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance said.

Jack Heath, Philanthropy Australia director general, said that the campaign could save lives and lessen the burden of health workers.


Million Dollar Vax Million Dollar Vax has been in the spirit of the Ohio “Vax-A-Million” program within the United States, which is estimated to have saved $60 million in medical expenses and also contributed towards an increased vaccination use.

Victorian Minister of State Daniel Andrews today said he believed the campaign was successful.

“I’m not fussed about what motivates you – whether it is for your health and to help the people you love, to protect our health system and our nurses or to win $1 million,” He said.

“Just go and get vaccinated.”

All Australians who are 18 or over are eligible to participate in the draw. Those already vaccinated being qualified to win the prize, provided that both vaccines have been administered within six weeks from October 31, 2021.