Do you ever see a tag on the shoulder or inside of a shirt while shopping?


While selecting a dress, do you ever notice a label showing the size of it?

Those tiny pieces of cloth are called labels, which can be of various types, but the most preferable ones are woven ones. But do you ever think about why brands use them and their functions?

If you don’t have a clue about it, then don’t worry. We are here with a guide to make you understand the uses and benefits of these tags. So if you are planning to open your clothing brand, then keep reading, because you’ll need them.

Explore The Reason For Using Woven Labels

If you think that these labels are just for the benefit or ease of customers, then you should rethink again.

Brands also take advantage of these tags in various ways unknown to the customers. Thus, they go through a long thought process for creating their company’s labels. Some also take help from various online Custom Woven labels uk sites for the production of these tags. These websites offer them unique tags according to the brand’s identity and save the manufacturing costs of brands.

Let’s check the answer to your question about why these labels are useful below.

Promotional & Conventional Purposes

Brands always are searching for ways to grab customers and interact with them.

One of the best ways to do that is through woven labels. Do you know how? They print the company’s logos, slogans, or messages that they want to spread on these labels. As a result, whenever a customer sees them, these promotional tricks influence them.

And that’s not it; these labels not only affect a person one time but every moment they view it. Thus, it is a great option to compel potential customers.

Identify The Brand

Whenever someone likes your specific dress, they always ask where you bought it from.

Right? But sometimes, we forget that, so these labels help us to identify it. Moreover, whenever we go to a retail shop and search for some pants, these labels assist us in knowing the manufacturer’s brand name. And according to that, we initiate our buying process.

Product Information

As we discussed above, if you want to know the size of a product, we seek these tags to know them.

Brands also use these labels to help customers know information about a particular product. For instance, we always buy iron on patches after knowing the material, size, and backing of it. So how can we buy the big stuff like shirts or jeans without knowing these details? Thus, for this purpose, these woven labels ease a customer’s buying journey by providing all the information they need to know.

Usage Instructions

Some people buy things on the basis of the information about how to use them.

For instance, if someone doesn’t have a washing machine, then they surely opt for products that can be easily washed by hand. Moreover, if someone is buying wool and don’t know how to clean it, then these labels can guide them on how to wash it.

These labels play a huge part in making the customer’s decision-making process a breeze, as they provide all the details that the buyer should know about.

What Are The Benefits That Woven Labels Provide?

After knowing all the uses of these tags, you will surely be wondering why to choose woven ones; others can do the same things too. 

But yes, other material labels can also be used for the above uses but will not provide the same benefits as woven ones. Like custom sew on patches, other types of emblems can’t provide long-lasting staying. The same is the case with woven labels; they have their own qualities. Let’s dive below to know what they are.

High Quality

When you search for a product, what is the first thing that you seek?

Quality, right?

Customers can’t compromise on it. Thus, it’s the brand’s duty to provide them with a high-end product. Among all tags, woven labels are the top-notch ones. They are made up of high-standard threads. Thus, there will be no chance of tearing.

Highly Versatile

As these labels are of top quality, thus, your brand can easily create any design on it or print anything on it.

As a result, you can apply any kind of customization or personalization to it. From various colors to any thread work, you can design it as you want or according to your budget.


You already know that woven ones are the best quality labels available.

Therefore, they are also durable and long-lasting. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about losing threads or fading what’s printed.

Soft Texture

Ever wear a shirt and find it uncomfortable due to the scratchy kind of tag on it?

Everyone experiences this situation once in their life. But if you are talking about woven labels, then you won’t have to worry about it. As they are made of top-quality threads, providing you with a soft feel on the skin.

Waterproofing And Breathability

Lastly, these woven are also waterproof.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about them absorbing sweat and start affecting their design. Moreover, they are breathable, so they will not disturb your comfort.

All in all, the above reasons are compelling enough to make you convinced that you should go for woven labels.


Whether you are going to buy a shirt for a party or cloth for your kitchen table, don’t forget to check the tags for product descriptions, and make sure to pick the ones with the woven label. For your guidance, we have covered all the benefits and uses of these tiny pieces of cloth. So next time you won’t be fooled by the cheaper one.

Moreover, if you are running a clothing brand, make sure to use these tags for the marketing purpose as well. Furthermore, it is recommended to use the bold letter on it and opt for darker colors for the printing so customers can see clearly. It is also suggested to keep your design simple, or the details and information can get messed up.

Lastly, don’t forget to imprint your logo on these labels. As a result, it will help your brand to influence your customer for a long time. So now you can see how small things can also create a huge impact as well. Thus, produce woven labels and use them for both your own and your customer’s benefits.