Are you looking for a company that repairs, sells and leases household appliances? Then you are in the right place. Read this article for a Wouters Witgoed review. The article is about a company engaged in the sale, repair and sale of high-quality goods at inexpensive prices. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands.

Since each of us wants our devices to run smarter and longer, we need to know their right place. In the article, we will let readers find out about the legitimacy, advantages and disadvantages of this shopping site.

What is Wouters Witgoed?

Wouters Witgoed is a construction company from the household appliances industry, which was registered on 10-17-2006. The company claims to provide perfect solutions for every home. In our article Wouters Witgoed Review you will learn about its validity. The company has been on the market for over 14 years. This Dutch company has an environmental vision and believes in reusing equipment for longer periods.

Offers the repair of several devices that may have a minor or major fault. No machine is waste; that’s what they believe. The company says it works for the climate and the future of its customers and their own.


• Website: to Chamber of Commerce

• Chamber of Commerce (no.): 69076308

• Wouters Witgoed Review VAT number: 857719919 B01

• customer service telephone numbers: 06-30055815 / 072-5620182, 06-19077066 / 075-6414632, 072-5620182 / 06-30055815, 06-19077066

• Customer service email id: [email protected] / [email protected]

• Products are available: dishwashers, washing machines, dishwasher baskets, electric baskets, air conditioner, fans, TV, etc.

• Contact number (people interested in selling and buying household appliances): 072-5620182

• Location: Alkmaar, North Holland

• Delivery: 6 days

• Cost of a postal package: € 6.95

• Wide payment options: bank transfer (processing takes 2-3 business days),

• iDEAL: (instant processing), PIN, cash.

• Shops: Alkmaar, Wormerveer, Schagen

• Areas of work: Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Beemster, Bergen and others.

• Product / service cancellation cost: € 29.95

• Refunds and Refunds: As per Wouters Witgoed review, no clear information available.

Pros of Investing in Wouters Witgoed

• Zero call costs for customers.

• Fast, efficient and cost-effective repair.

• Fixed research costs are available regardless of time.

• Reporting faults can be done by phone or by contacting the e-mail address provided on the official website.

• The right place for inexpensive new and recycled parts.

• Quality products and services are available.

• Good price for unwanted household appliances.

• Replacing old products with a good discount.

• Various payment methods are available for the convenience of site visitors.

• Reliable solutions are available at affordable prices.

Disadvantages of Wouters Witgoed

• Cancellation costs are given in accordance with the Wouters Witgoed review.

• Some required products remain unavailable due to their permanent lack of stock.

• There is a risk of producing sound, but the product is damaged.

• Difficulties in replacing new and old products.

Is Wouters Witgoed legal?

The company has been operating since 10-17-2006. He’s old enough to be trusted, but that doesn’t mean he has absolute legitimacy. Wouters Witgoed has a presence on Facebook, where hundreds of followers share their views and experiences. The company is trusted at 78% and appears to be trustworthy based on its extensive internet presence, but we still suggest users not to be completely sure of its legality.

Wouters Witgoed review by customers

On Facebook, this device store has wide recognition. Many users showed their views and experiences. There are mixed reviews of the company. Some users are satisfied with the top quality service and quick installation.

They seem pleased with the team of experts. Thanks to good customer service, he won the hearts of many. Based on 156 people’s estimates, the company has 4.3 stars. On the other hand, we also met some dissatisfied customers on other sites. They shared their bad experiences with this store and are dissatisfied with the worst service.


In the Wouters Witgoed Review, we now conclude that the company has a reliable domain age. But we leave it to the readers to analyze his productivity and ability to contract with the company.

It has a wide presence on social media websites but due to its creation date, it has fewer reviews. The official website of the store has a zero review, making its legality risky. Wouters Witgoed is a familiar name, but the experience isn’t the same for everyone.

What are your interpretations as a reader? Write them down in a comment.