Are you passionate about toning your physique? Would you like to make a good investment in a workout program? Would you like an app to monitor all of your body-building activities? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s account describes the attributes and feedback of an online platform for gym-related activities. Fitness lovers from Mexico can’t wait to find out more about this portal, its analysis, and its reliability. For complete information about reviews, please read to the end.

What is offers online marketing and information. These devices feature many features such as the dashboard, flywheel and touch screen. A number of blogs and applications can be accessed through the platform.


  • Types od Portal – A portal for virtual shopping that provides information about fitness and the cycles of exercise.
  • Address of Site –
  • Location of Office – Sierra Mojada, 405 Piso-2, Lomas de Chapultepec, C.P.-11000, CDMX
  • [email protected] Email Address
  • Phone number –+55),606-14336. The country code for this number is not the exact same as the address of the store. This may raise questions regarding Are You Legit.
  • Links to Social Media.Linked
  • Payment Options – Cash. Credit cards, debits cards, bank deposits, or installments.
  • Privacy policy –Given
  • Shipping Details –Delivery throughout Mexico is free. If the shopper is located in a large metropolitan area, same-day shipping is possible. However, it is not possible to give an average delivery time.
  • Terms of Use –Stated
  • Sorting and Filtering Options Not applicable because the store deals only with one item.
  • Price of Items – Specified in USD.
  • Returning & Refunding Information – A buyer can return an item within 30 days of receiving it. This page does NOT include the time period for crediting the refund amount.

This website has many positive characteristics that highlight the Reviews.

  • The blogs will be used to inform visitors about equipment and workouts.
  • The explanation of the product includes all details and high-resolution photos.
  • The shop accepts many types of payments.
  • The portal’s application provides challenges that can motivate gym members.
  • The policies provide adequate legal information.

The below-mentioned drawbacks are present in the subject online shop.

  • The policy page doesn’t provide information about the average shipping times.
  • The timeframe for crediting refunds in the appropriate section has not yet been set by the team.
  • The country code for WhatsApp number is not the same as that of the contact address.

Is Legit?

To help you answer your question quickly, we have listed some details regarding this online platform. These details will make it easier for our readers to determine the authenticity and reliability of the portal.

  • Portal’s Age – This portal is two years old, five months old, and ten calendar days old. It was launched by the developers on 5 April 2020.
  • Trust Score –60%. This Trust Index is Mediocre.
  • Alexa RankingThis site does not have any Alexa ranks.
  • Connections to Social Media –This website has links to its social media pages on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Reviews Unfortunately, we are unable to find any customer reviews. There is no feedback from any fitness magazines.
  • Contact Information – This address is found on the Internet. However, it doesn’t state that it’s for this store. It was therefore difficult for anyone to confirm its originality. Also, the country code for the WhatsApp number used is Brazil and is not the exact same as the physical location.
  • Mistaken Details – On the policy page, the owners have neglected to include critical details like average shipping times and refunding time.

These analyses point to mixed opinions regarding the online shop. Therefore, it is difficult to determine its legitimacy.


The website was not mentioned by top feedback portals’ users in their discussions. It is possible that the item has been bought only by a few shoppers. In addition, there is no way for customers to review the item. The only feedback that we were able to gather was positive reviews from magazines about fitness.


This platform is attracting mixed reviews, according to our investigation. Additionally, it is hard to judge buyers’ opinions due to the lack of solid Reviews.