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This article below summarizes related facts about the world of pilot day 2021, broadly and extremely celebrated event in the United States, India, Malaysia, Great Britain and Canada.

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The importance of a Turkish pilot with a global pilot day:

To find out about the history of the pilot day, you must know about the person for which they were celebrated. Pilot day is celebrated on April 26 each year.

That day the young pilot in Turkey took his first flight. Feza Evrensev, the Turkish pilot was born in Istanbul in 1878

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This pilot was intended for flying and was the best class student, handed over his final semesters with a high grade. After the start of the career, he was appointed as the general director of administration of state airlines, which further evolved as Turkish airlines.

Fes EvrenSev had a different position in the Turkish air association and was visible and important figures of the aviation world.

History for World Pilot Day:

The Airlines Turkish pilots association was the first platform for celebrating the pilot day to give weight for one of their outstanding members, Fes Evrensev. It is celebrated on April 26 to commemorate the first flight back in 1912 by FESA.

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Ifalpa also played an important role, it is to establish that day. Iphalpa means the International Federation of Air Pilot Association. The Association was established in 1948 during the Conference of Pilots Association in London. The conference aims to provide formal measures for interaction for pilots newly created from ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Over 100 pilots associations are associated with Ifalpa, representing more than one Lakh pilots in the world. Ifalpa found him in 2013 that he now has the highest time to celebrate the day for all pilots, as he announced a day as a world pilot day.

World pilot day 2021:

This year, in April 2021, the liter of the World Pilot Day was celebrated around the world. This year, back in 2020, pilots were a difficult time, as many airlines went bankrupt, and must work hard for rescue flights due to Corona.

He would like to give them strength this year to fight for difficult times, combining the world.

Ultimate verdict:

We all have to hope for the best for pilots, giving them sufficient strength for difficult times. You just disclosed the facts about the pilot day and learned about the world pilot day 2021.

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