Reading is a path that brightens the mind and incorporate the world of imagination. Dedicated to readers, World Book Day 2021 costumes is something that every reader expects.

This annual Festival from Great Britain for children for dolls as their favorite characters. In addition to paying tribute to authors and characters, it also works as a medium to imagine for children at school and bring them close to reading art.

Let us meet the exciting ideas for costumes and know about the day, taking this to the event.

About the World Bookstore

The United Kingdom celebrated Worlon Book Day 2021 on March 4. World Book Day 2021 Costumes are underway throughout the country.

The origin of the day dates back to Spain. Writer Vicente Clavel Andres wanted to honor the other popular Miguel de Cervantes author on his birth and death day. This idea was later taken by UNESCO and decided to spread around the world. The world celebrated the first day of the book on April 23, 1995, in Great Britain he began in 1998.

In short, World Book Day is a charitable accounting and publisher funds. The initiative encourages the school to store funds for children supported by activities such as national book chips.

The best ideas for World Day book 2021 Costumes

Are you looking for ideas for exciting ideas for global book costumes on 2021? Let’s see little ideas that you can pick up to dress a small bunny in your favorite books of the book.

• Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and a philosopher stone

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• Mr. Bean from the Bean Palace

• Man on the moon’s costume

• Snow White from Walt Disney’s Snow White and seven dwarfs

• Jonah and whale

• Daddy Hox and the Ghost Hunt King

• Charlie bucket from Charlie bucket and chocolate factory

• Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia.

Basic things to prepare worldwatches of logs

Preparation of a world book on 2021 costumes requires only basic things. Includes a cardboard box, Gazeta, PVA adhesive, T-shirt, wigs and beards and other side props, such as books for Matilda, snow-covered apples, glasses and hat for Harry Potter and so on.

Considering the pandemic situation and discovered learning, World Book Charity will also launch a world book of the book and action corner of history. In addition, he also cooperated with the book Nielsen to provide children with books in only 1 euros.


Reading is attractive that ignorance will disappear. Enabling children to dress up as their favorite characters in the World Book Day 2021 costumes help in moving the quality of reading in children from a very young age. And it will not be tempting to dress as a favorite character from books and play your role per day?

What are your unique ideas for costumes on the World Day 2021 book? Share ideas with us in the comment field below.


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