Why would a business – big or small – would choose to own its private dedicated GPU server? Is the high hashing power as important as some more tech-savvy companies make it appear? And if so, how to make use of it with limited company resources or budget constraints? Below we attempt to provide a satisfactory answer to each of these questions.

GPU servers – how do they work and how can they aid businesses?

A high-powered GPU, which stands for Graphics Processing Unit, ensures a substantial boost in performance for a variety of computing tasks. While GPUs as components were invented in an attempt to improve the gaming experience, now they deliver immense benefits in numerous areas of life and business. Because the GPU doesn’t process the data in a linear way, which is a quality of a regular CPU, the whole process is much faster and more efficient.

And since efficiency and measurable results are the two goals every business needs to pursue, we can observe the increase in GPU server usage across several industries. GPU dedicated servers are used in graphic and computer design, AI & IoT development, manufacturing, science & research, and even in marketing & PR. Many of these companies are choosing not to invest in their own GPU server, instead relying on the power provided by a reliable GPU rental.

Big data in business – the need for an increased processing power

Although the term “big data” is still not easy to quantify, the experts agree on a basic definition, underlining the necessary qualities of these types of data which differentiate them from the other data sets. Big data is unimaginably large, constantly incoming, and in a part unstructured. But what is more important, its amount grows at a previously unheard-of pace. Some calculations suggest that from the great mass of data, we have now in the whole world, over 90% has been generated in the last few years.

Businesses can profit from big data and they do so – even a small business can now implement a solution that requires handling large data sets. But such immense possibilities require also immense processing capacities, and the usual business hardware isn’t usually equipped to deal with big data mining, processing, cleaning, and analysis.

That’s why a GPU server rental is an innovative proposition aimed at helping companies to find their path in a digital maze of valuable data from all over the world. By engaging the high-capacity GPU server rental, a business can analyze the incredible batches of data in real time, which leads to better targeting, more successful campaigns and efficient remarketing, among many other benefits.

Not ready to buy a GPU server? Rent instead!

If you intend to procure a GPU server for a business, you‘re probably already aware of the large cost associated with buying one. Fortunately, buying isn’t the only way in which a business can benefit from the capacities of such a server. Employing a GPU server to work with the company data brings substantial rewards relatively quickly, and what is more, a huge upfront investment in hardware is not necessary here.

GPU server rental is a service that allows any company or individual to access the processing power of such a server on a basis of a monthly subscription or a pay-per-hour model. It’s an ideal solution for controlling the usage and the percent of a budget spent on GPU services. The companies who lease GPU server instances to businesses are responsible for the hardware and the software, while the business can concentrate on the purpose and efficacy of employing GPU in itss workflows.