Properly managing the digital environment and how the company positions itself in it is increasingly essential. For this reason, companies do not stop investing in it and daily seek professionals to help them improve their strategy.

If you are thinking of working in digital marketing, we tell you what are the professional opportunities after the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing Techniques, in which you will learn to build a digital strategy for a company, to use the main digital marketing tools, and to establish KPI’s and measure the results and objectives of a marketing campaign.

What can I work in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes a wide range of professional profiles in which you can specialize to perform your work according to your studies. Pay attention, because it has a lot of projection at the moment and you can work in any of these areas.


Must have a great capacity for synthesis to reach customers with a clear message. He/she must shape the messages to be attractive and creative. If you are a good writer, you can try to get a job with an essay writing service to help students write various academic papers.

Online Marketing Manager

This profile has the greatest responsibility within the digital marketing department and will be responsible for managing the entire team and reporting data to managers. He/she is responsible for all the actions carried out by the professionals and the department within the company.

Digital Marketing Consultant

You can also find a job as a digital marketing consultant. This profile is the professional who advises to coordinate the digital presence of companies and businesses on the Internet, creating value and achieving the established objectives within the established timeframe. In general, it gives support in the digital transformation of a company or its creation.

Inbound marketing specialist

Contacts the user in a non-invasive way by providing useful information. He is in charge of creating strategies to attract customers and build customer loyalty, but always from a friendly and user-friendly profile.

Community Manager or Social Media Manager

A community manager is in charge of dynamizing and managing the company’s participation in the social networks where it is located. It is the link between the client and the organization, detects new habits or trends, and offers content of interest to the public. Its task is to make periodic content publications with the aim of gaining brand value for the user and increasing the perception of the brand among its customers and potential customers.

The Social Media Manager is in charge of carrying out actions in social networks, that is, the one who is responsible for developing strategies and making decisions about what to do in them. On the other hand, he/she must follow up the campaigns that have been carried out on the networks and lead the digital marketing plan on these platforms.

Content writer

Must provide value to users thanks to quality content. These texts help to give visibility in search engines always in constant contact with the digital marketing strategy.

Content curator

This profile must know which contents are the most relevant and with the highest quality to attract the public. This increases the power of the brand and users’ trust in it since it is in charge of offering verified content.

These are just some of the positions that can be accessed with graduation, working in digital marketing has many career opportunities, so training in this field will open many doors, what are you waiting for?