The term WordPress responsive table plugin with workflow automation means that if a user is accessing the table on such a device that is small than his set breakpoint then the table would respond by reformatting in order to fit the screen size. The WordPress responsive table can be typically reformatted by such a mean that to add a scroll bar or stack the information. 

What are the facts about Tablesome?

Tablesome is a WordPress responsive Table Plugin. It has so many significant features. First it has the most powerful core table features just as drag and drop or reordering of rows, the duplication of rows along with simple editing for the content. One can also add multiple as well as powerful filtering options as well. 

One can be able to create support tickets, could also reach by email or one could talk to the representative through the live chat. 

What is is meant by Elementor Form Integration?

With the Elementor Form Integration feature one can backup his form submission data along with accessing it whenever he wants. It can also enable the individual to manage it all from one place. If one has the submissions info it would enable him to gather insights as well as analyze a campaign’s data or he could simply manage his submissions from within his WordPress dashboard. 

What is meant by WPForms Integration?

WP Forms is a WordPress plugin that helps an individual in the designing of powerful and smart forms by bringing into use the easy drag and drop feature. 

What is meant by WordPress MailChimp Integration?

The WordPress MailChimp Integration helps one in growing his MailChimp lists and writing better newsletters by means of various methods. An individual can create good looking opt-in forma or even integrate with any of the existing firm on his site, like his comment, checkout form or contact. 

What is meant by WordPress Contact Form 7 Integration?

WordPress Contact Form 7 is among one of the most popular plugins in order to create lead generating forms. It has so many qualities such as it is easy to generate also easy to deploy. Contact Form 7 is also used with the themes that have the integrated contact forms as because those are the forms which do not offer high level options or customization. 

How to save WordPress Form submissions and display them in the frontend?

If one is looking for Contact Form 7 Database or any other option to save his form submissions automatically in a database or to display those entries as a kind of tabular form in his front end then he could learn how to do that by using the Tablesome WordPress plugin. 

Tablesome can not only be stated just as a WordPress table plugin thy allows an individual to quickly create the responsive datatables but is also a powerful WP form database plugin which enables him to save Contact Form 7 submissions along with the WOForms submissions as well as Elementor Forms submissions to his database. 

Following are the steps that are required ti be followed by individual:

  • The first step is to install Contact Form Tablesome Plugin in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • The second step is to create a contact form and then embed that on WordPress page.
  • The next step is to create a new table that would store the form submissions data.
  • The next step is to configure the form submissions to be saved in Database.
  • Next step is to submit the form.
  • The next step is to verify the form submission in the tables.
  • After that display the Contact Form Entries on WordPress posts as well as pages.
  • The final step is to save the Form Entries from WP Forms and Elementor Forms.