So, you wanted to create your website and someone suggested you use WordPress? What is it exactly? Today, we’re going to talk about vs Which is better in 2022?

Are you up for playing “Spot the difference?” 

Type “WordPress” on your browser and hit the search button. What did you see in the results? 

Can you spot the difference?

You can? BINGO! You are already one step ahead.

No? Don’t worry, allow me to answer it for you. 

When you look at the result page you might see a variety of websites and links. The difference we are looking for here; is the domain extension.

You might be able to see “WordPress” accompanied by a “.org” extension and a “.com” extension.  

“Are and the same?” “Are they different?” many of you may be wondering. 

Which platform should you choose? WordPress: .com or org for your website?

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But, before we dive into the discussion of, “ vs. Which is Better in 2022?” Let’s begin by asking, “What is WordPress?”

After all, everything starts with the basics!

WordPress: What power does it possess?

The classical way to create a website is …Coding!

But what if you do not have a knack to become a developer and write codes in various languages like HTML, Javascript, CSS, and many more?

Well, WordPress is here to save your day!

WordPress does all the coding part for you and makes your task to design a website easier for you. 

It is an open-source Content Management System often referred to as CMS. 

WordPress is based on the PHP programming language which monitors the interaction and connection of WordPress with its MySQL or MariaDB database. 

The best part about WordPress is that it is open-source which means…you can use it for free!

About 43% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. So, you can tell it is a powerful tool. 

Now that you have a brief knowledge about what WordPress is, would you like to move forward?

Let us take one more step in the direction of our question, “ vs Which is better in 2022?”

Let’s talk about ‘Differences’!

I am sure you are pondering over the mind-boggling question, “Are and the same?” 

Let me answer your question as simply as I can. 

No. and are not the same. 

So, vs What is the difference?

Is it just the domain extension? Well, I wouldn’t say so. 

There are more than just the domain extensions of the two platforms. 

“ vs. in 2022: Which is better?” The question keeps getting increasingly appealing.

But before we actually come to a conclusion, let’s look into what each platform does. Only after that, we’ll be able to choose between and for our website.

Ready to explore the differences with us? 

3…2…1…Let’s go! An analysis! is the ‘Actual’ WordPress. 

It is an online open-source CMS that helps in creating innovative and amazing websites.

Not only websites, but the CMS platform also helps in developing mobile and web applications. It is a wonderful tool to create your own blogging platform as well. 

If you want to make an online portfolio for yourself, you can accomplish that using the open-source CMS in no time! 

The good news is that you do not have to pay for any of it! You can use for free!

Creating a website or a blog using is easy. You will just require a domain name and web hosting. 

However, you will need to spend some bucks for hosting and the domain name to bring your website or blog to action. 

Want to look for more information about Let’s discuss the merits and demerits!

3 cool features of

  • allows you to have complete control over your website or blog.
  • It is an easy-to-use and super flexible open-source platform that has a variety of customization options. You can also monetize your website by using ads. 
  • You can create a self-hosted website with where you can get access to a ton of plugins to add to your website to make it more awesome.

Like any other tech platform, also has a few limitations. What are these cons?

The second side: 3 limitations of

  • You will have to spare some cash from your pocket for the domain name and hosting. The hosting costs are expected to increase as your website gets more traffic.
  • You will have to constantly look out for updates and backups and maintain your website for it to work efficiently.
  •  Adding certain plugins and themes to your website can affect the speed of your website and can slow down your website

So now that we have looked into the overview and features of, let us converse about An investigation!

While is an open-source content management system (CMS), is a hosting service that works along with the software. 

In other words, is built on the software by 

The hosting service is owned by Automattic and allows bloggers, people who run their small businesses, and all of their users to build their websites and blogs.

Creating an account on means getting access to a domain name, hosting, and a website builder account. 

Let us explore the possible pros and cons of for a better analysis.

3 fabulous features of

  • is simple to use and provides the users with 3GB of free space.
  • Unlike, you do not have to keep a track of the updates and backups. The platform is easy to maintain.
  • You can start your website without paying for a domain name or web hosting. All you have to do is create an account on and you’re good to go.

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Flipping to the other side: 3 drawbacks of

  • allows you access to limited options which means you cannot customize your websites or upload any plugins for your website.
  • may delete your website if they feel that your website has violated their terms of service.  
  • You cannot monetize your website or blog with ads on

So, now that I have walked you through an overview of both the platforms, which service do you think; or; is suitable for your website? 

Need some more help in deciding, “ vs Which is better in 2022?” Here’s what I think.

“ vs Which is better in 2022?”

Since both, and are wonderful tools and platforms for building your own websites and blogs, it becomes confusing to choose between the two. 

“Should I develop my website with the help of or” “Which one should I go with?” is a common question to which many people struggle to respond.

So, what weighs more? 

Well, if you have just started your small business and want to see your business grow with a strong digital presence, I would suggest using for it. 

By making use of, you can actually find a lot of customizations and plugins for your website and can make your own little digital store!

You can also monetize your website with ads which will help you earn more. 

This means better preparation for the future goals of your business and you’re ready to soar off! also gives you good control over your SEO options, whereas, has very limited SEO tools for your website. 

If you are building a website for your business, having a good SEO ranking is an absolute necessity!

Using’s options for SEO will help you boost your website traffic and attract new users. 

SEO works wonders for your website and can make it possible!

But, if you are someone who doesn’t want to make money off your website, might just be a pretty good deal for you. 

If you just want to get experience in building websites, go for is also a great option for personal bloggers. 

Choosing a correct and effective website builder platform can add a huge difference to your work. 

It is crucial to look over a variety of options and select the one which suits you the best. 

It’s 2022!… And it’s going to add a ton of new creations to the technological world. 

So, why not conquer it by creating your own digital presence with the help of WordPress?