Star War? Are you a game lover? This is great news for game lovers. Star Wordle launches a new game that is similar to Wordle. However, Star Wordle lets players guess Star Wars names.

Players Worldwide are interested in the Star Wordle game. This article will explain Wordle Star Wars.

What is Star war?

Star Wordle is a game that has just been launched and is very similar in concept to Wordle. Star Wordle is a game where players must guess the words. Each word must contain at least five letters. This game is intended for Star Wars fans.

Players must guess the Star Wars-related words. Star Wars includes a variety of tv programs, films, comics, video games, novels, and other media. The rules are the same as Wordle. The dictionary is provided to you. It has more than 14000 words.

Star Wordle – How to play

  • Six attempts will be made by players to guess and then submit the words.
  • You must guess five letters for each word.
  • The keyboard is composed of alphabets, numbers and dashes. Consider Droids, your favourite Star War series.
  • Once each word is correctly guessed, the tile pattern or colour will be different.
  • The green colour signified that the letter you guess is correct and has been placed in a right-hand block.
  • The yellow color is indicative that the letter that you guess is in a word, but it is not in its correct position.
  • The grey colour means that the letter may be incorrect.

Wordle Star Wars – Where can I play?

Star Wordle’s game is very popular with people who are interested in knowing more. One of the most popular questions is how to play Star Wordle. Star Wordle has an official website where you can play the game.

Visit the official Star Wordle game website to play the Game. The interface of the game will appear. You will find various menus at the header that will help you to play the game.

The first icon at the header will direct you to the game’s instructions. You can also submit your score to the stats section.

After stats, a settings menu is created where you can adjust certain settings.


Multiple characters are common in Starwars films and TV series. Star Wordle allows you to guess any Star War term. You can use the word to refer to any Star war movie, series or character.