Are you passionately interested in classic fountain pens Do you want to add a feather to your classic fountain pen collection? Woodford Fineries is an online shop that sells classic and fountain pen at very low prices.

The store sells fountain pen, as well as belts, cufflinks and men’s accessories. The store claims to be based in the United States. You should read the Woodford Fineries Reviews carefully before you buy.

What is Woodford Fineries and

Woodford Fineries, an online shop selling men’s accessories and pens, is a store that sells different products. The store claims to have the latest pens at an affordable price. You can also find accessories for men, such as leather belts and cufflinks at the store.

The most attractive thing about this store is the $1 price. You can find classic pens, as well as accessories, on sale at the store. Many consumers are searching online for reviews about Woodford Fineries to see if it is legit .


  • Website –
  • Products – Belts/Cufflinks and Pens
  • Payment Options – PayPal and Card payments
  • Email Help –
  • Phone Support – not Available
  • Address – Not Available
  • Email Newsletter Subscription
  • Domain Registration – 27 July 2022. One Month, 6 Days
  • Shipping Information – Orders will be shipped within 48 hour after payment is received. Customers are provided with a tracking code to keep track of their order status. Delivery time can vary from 5 to 18 days depending on the location.
  • Return and Exchange – Customers have a 15 day period to return or exchange their products within the 30 days following delivery. Woodford Fineries Reviews states, before refunds are issued, that products have been checked. The refund process can take 5-10 business days.
  • Social Media Presence. The store has no social media pages.

Pros Of Woodford Fineries

  • Your collection of classic pens
  • Accessories such as leather belts, cufflinks and other accessories
  • Affordable pricing and discounted prices
  • Orders are eligible for return

Cons Woodford Fineries

  • The owner’s name and address are kept private.
  • The store has no social media pages.
  • The website is missing vital information
  • Customers may not be aware of the policies

Is Woodford Fineries Legit or Scam?

Online shopping can sometimes pose a risk, especially if it is done without verifying the legitimacy of the merchant. Woodford Fineries requires that you confirm the legitimacy of any order.

  • The domain was registered one month ago by the store on 27th July 2022. The domain registration was for one year and expires on 27th July 2023.
  • The website has a poor trust score, of 1%. The store’s trust rating stands at 65.8%. You should always evaluate the website prior to shopping, since it has received poor trust scores.
  • The website does not have customer reviews. We also couldn’t find Woodford Fineries Reviews online.
  • We don’t have any information about the owner or phone number of the store.
  • The store doesn’t have any social media pages. You won’t see any feedback or comments on the store’s social media pages.
  • Because all products are sold for $1, the discounts and deals offered are absurd.
  • The information looks like it was taken from other suspicious websites.

The website is not trustworthy and cannot be considered legitimate because of these factors. To avoid any unnecessary scams, customers must thoroughly review and evaluate the website.

What is the Customer Reviews?

We couldn’t find any Woodford Fineries Reviews online. It appears that the website doesn’t attract online customers, so no one has praised it. It is not a legitimate website, as we did not discover any comments, feedback, or reviews from online consumers.

The website is not actively on social media platforms and there aren’t any reviews or comments that could confirm its legitimacy. It is advised that online buyers conduct research on the website before buying.


Woodford Fineries, an online shop, sells many products, including wristbands. Belts and fountain pen. However, there have been no Woodford Fineries Customer Reviews. It is therefore doubtful that the legitimacy of this website can be established. To avoid being swindled, you are strongly advised to thoroughly investigate the website before making any purchases.