Artificial Intelligence has broadened its roots in the entertainment industry. Revolutionizing the field of video editing and audio customization features such as to remove vocals audacity, Wondershare UniConverter 14 stands as a prominent AI tool in the audio-visual industry. The following article deals with the concerns in the particular field and solutions provided by the software.

Part1: What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is a complete package of video customization tools. It is a unique solution to all your footage modification concerns. Housing a range of advanced features, it stands as a key player in the IT market. Wondershare UniConverter is the leading software to address your video customization issues such as video conversion, editing, compression, merging, etc. One of the differentiated features of this software is that it accumulates over 1000 variants of video formats including MP4 Alpha.

Apart from its video modulation services, Wondershare UniConverter 14 comes up with an audio-transforming vocals removal feature. If you are a music champ or a DJ professional, this tool serves as your best host. Encompassing the specialty of turning a song into karaoke, it can aid you in learning musical instruments as well. Another versatility of this tool is that it can isolate the lyrics from the instrumental scratch of a particular song.

Software users are always concerned about the latter’s platform compatibility. To address that issue, this particular software shares its compatibility with both Windows and Mac-supported devices.

Part 2: Interface

The ingenuity of this superb video and audio manipulating software lies in its elegant and cool interface. Engulfed with a host of unique and advanced features, the interface of Wondershare UniConverter has always been an attraction for its users. Because not everyone is a tech geek, the new look of its updated UniConverter 14 versionis more user-friendly.Hassle-free navigation to a particular feature and a systematicoption-setting pattern give quicker and smoother access to the user.

To add the cherry on the cake, the new version of Wondershare UniConverter surprises you with an exciting ‘My File Management’ feature on its interface. Sustaining the software’s user-friendly approach, the developers have launched this feature in the new layout to preserve your time and effort in file-saving. All your work is automatically saved in a pre-specified folder, saving enough time and energy.Also, it allows the user to search for a particular file or folder and customize it according to his requirements. You have the option to add the modified work to your preferential list and delete it, as and when required.

Part3: Video conversion process

1. Video Conversion

To perform the task of video conversion, firstly, download the UniConverter application in your system. In the next step, install and launch it on your device. In the interface, move the cursor to the ‘+’ option and select a file to upload for conversion. You can also drag and drop the file to ease the process.

After the file gets uploaded, navigate to the bottom of the interface and select the‘Output Format’ option. Choose the desired format and resolution from the ‘Settings’option. Click on ‘Convert’ to perform the video conversion task.

2.Batch Conversion

To get multiple videos converted at once, download and install the software in your system. Launch the application on the same to proceed further.

Step1: Upload the file

Select the ‘+’ option from the software’s launch screen. Choose the video from its local destination on your device and upload it. You can also use the cursor to drag and drop the file directly to the converter interface.

Step 2: Output Format Selection

Specify the desired output format from the ‘Settings Panel’ on the left side of the interface. Adjust the resolution by navigating to the right side. Lastly, tap on the‘Convert’ button.

Step 3: Preview the Converted File

After the conversion process is finished, ‘Success’ pops up on the screen. Click on the ‘Finished’ button to preview the converted video.

Part4: Quality and Speed of Video Conversion

1. Format Compatibility

As discussed above, this software deals with the applicability to convert video into several formats. Packed with more than 1000 conversion formats, the new version supports outstanding compatibility of audio-visual formats. A few of them are MOV, AVI, and MKV along with newly added MP4 Alpha and WEBM formats. The credibility of this software doesn’t rest here. It delivers the user with web-compatible formats such asYouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo.

2. Accelerated Conversion Speed

When the talk is about video and audio conversion, speed and accuracy are the topmost priorities. The tool’s updated version is versed in enhancing the conversion speed by 50%. It is also much faster, approximately 120 times than its counterparts.

3. 4K/8K HDR HD Video and Full-Process GPU AccelerationSupport

UniConverter 14 is an innovative program for exploring an entirely new world of audio-visual processing. With its advanced feature of ‘Graphical Processing Unit’, it supports high-resolution video formats, such as 4K, 8K, etc. The 50% enhanced conversion speed is an extra feather in the software’s cap.

Part 5: Other Functions

UniConverter 14, in itself, is a genius video-processing tool due to its countless features. Thanks to its stupendous video modification generics, it is an extremely versatile application. The software holds its impressiveness in downloading videos from online websites with a single click. It can also create multiple files of a DVD along with burning and editing them. The software compresses videos without any loss of quality as well as fixes the corrupted videos. UniConverter 14 also holds the potential to record, merge, transfer and edit the videos with precision.


Audio-visual modulation is not new to the entertainment field. Instead, it has simply gone under frequent evolutions from the past. Although the market is flooded with innumerable software options, Wondershare UniConverter is a market leader in user preferences. It is superfast to remove vocals from a song, versatile in format compatibility, and offers adaptability to different devices. With its most advanced toolkit and user-friendly interface,UniConverter 14 is a prominent choice for a host of music and entertainment applications. To know more about the product, click on , from where you can download and install the application, or use the trial version free of cost.