No one can invest time or money on a program or item that will not benefit them. Whether it’s free or paid, your time has value. Anyone who wants to use software for any given task intends to have software that handles all the related functions. Wondershare DemoCreator is an incredible all-in-one screen recording and video editing tool. Although it’s categorized as a screen recorder, it also works marvelously in video editing. This software works amazingly for gamers as it can record screen up to 120 fps.

So if you have been using some ineffective screen recorders, download Wondershare DemoCreator for its handy and useful tools. It offers more than a mere screen editor can do. This free video editing features and tools make it the best among the ones available for download.


Now that we have the new version 4.0 of the DemoCreator, it is through this review that we shall discuss the new features in this software and their difference with the standard ones. The features and their functions will be reviewed in this article. To come up with a clear conclusion, we shall also try to compare this software with others in the market.

Download and Installation.

Downloading and installing Wondershare DemoCreator is merely the same as in the other software you are using on your PC. The download option is available on its official website. Once the .exefile downloads, you should double click it to initiate the installation process and follow the instructions to complete the process.

What Makes DemoCreator Unique.

Screen Recording.

With DemoCreator, you can record your full screen or custom a region size. There is an option to ‘select a recording area’ on the screen. You only record an area of your interest and leave the rest. You only need to drag the frame to the required size and position. With the latest version 4.0 of this software, users can record both video and audio. There is an option to screen record your desktop activities and camera the resulting video.

Recording the Gameplay.

We mentioned that this software is multipurpose and is not limited to the basic screen recording. For gamers, who want to show their skills to the world and teach others the techniques to play modern games, Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to record the screen while playing the game. You can share these videos on your social media platforms or gaming websites and blogs.You can also use the video on your YouTube channel.

The most important is to know that you can record the gameplay and your reactions while playing the game on the webcam. A single click is enough to record several clips and stack them in the timeline. You can edit the clips later and add transitions to the game recording before uploading it.

Professional gamers like Pewdiepie will love to use this game screen recorder to create professional gameplay records.

Webcam and Associated Features.

The Wondershare DemoCreator directly records the webcam videos. This feature is useful in remote learning and tutoring. With the live recording of your webcam videos, you can easily offer tutoring services at your home office’s comfort. Creating these videos is easy and efficient.

Editing, Saving, and Sharing of the Files.

After recording the videos, you don’t just keep them. You will edit them and add more effects to the video clip, andsave them in your preferred format for later or immediate use. You can also import videos of these formats to Wondershare DemoCreator and edit them. It is possible to import as many as 50 kinds of videos/audios/photos format to edit.

Editing the videos has also been made easy and affordable by this software. Although it’s free download software, it has powerful tools that help you to create unique and professional videos for various use. Videos and video clips can be blurred, joined, and added audios. This means you can do a complete video editing using this software.

With the many video editing tools, you will cut, split, or alter your video to your wish. If the video appears a bit dull, you can add some light to it to make it spectaculars.

Adding a title to the videos makes them professional. You are at will to add animations or stickers to your video to appear more appealing to the audience.

DemoCreator enables the users to share the videos captured and edited easily. Starting with YouTube, you will easily upload the video to your viewers’ channel to view and probably like your video. If you are doing some product demo, you can share the videos on various social media platforms. If you share a product video on your business page, your page visitors will have a chance to view them. At the same time, potential customers will watch the videos and may get interested in your brands. Therefore, sharing videos is a great marketing strategy that can earn your business more customers and profits.DemoCreator allows you to save your media files in MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3, or any other format you need. Not only for videos but also for audio and photo files.


Better late than never. It’s high time you should forget the old fashioned screen recorders with obsolete technology. Only a screen recorder with advanced features can help you achieve the quality and size of your videos. The DemoCreator is free to download, and the multiple features ithikes your screen recording and video editing.

Although some people have less trust in free downloadable software, DemoCreator is an exception when considering quality and efficiency. Some of the screen recorders with paid subscriptions have limited screen recording tools and features. Most of them will offer extra features at higher subscriptions, which is not the case for DemoCreator.

We can’t deny that this software offers more than one would expect to get from free software. Otherwise, it works better than some paid screen recorders that only waste your hard-earned bucks. Never again. Download this software today, and keep let your gaming experience reach out to the world. Share your gameplay videos with friends or on your YouTube channel.