Which one of us doesn’t have a tracksuit? Even those women who associate physical activity with a leisurely walk in the park on Sunday morning have a comfortable tracksuit in their closets. This is exactly the thing that you remember if:

  • you must immediately run out to the nearest store, and the weather outside is bad;
  • it became cool in the apartment;
  • you need clothes to travel on a train or plane;
  • a picnic is planned;
  •  I want to feel as comfortable as possible while walking.

There are many more uses for a women’s tracksuit. That is why manufacturers several years ago began to change the concept of these clothes: they made the color more varied, added other more presentable materials to the usual cotton, and applied decor.

Modern products like neoprene waist trainer look so impressive that it does not even occur to you to put them on for a run or do physical exercises in them. You need to learn to distinguish between casual sportswear and clothes intended for training.

Such different tracksuits

Photo: Practical and fashionable women’s tracksuits on the Tatet portal

If you go to a large Internet portal of clothing, we will see that sports suits for women are present in it for every taste. There is:

traditional sets of sweaters and trousers;


very light models, which consist of a T-shirt or top and short pants or shorts;

fleece-insulated ensembles;

suits, one of the elements of which has an unusual cut and design.

And it is not at all necessary that it is convenient to train in products of a familiar look, and designer ones are suitable only for a glamorous walk. It depends on the material used and the cut chosen.

What are womens jersey jersey suits?

Despite this sound, sportswear and sportswear are different categories of items. The first type is designed exclusively for loads of varying complexity; you can comfortably practice intensively in these products. The second is an adapted version for those who value convenience, freedom of movement and simplicity in things most of all.

The need for differentiation arose three decades ago, when sports items went beyond the stadiums, grounds and training halls, they began to be actively worn in everyday life. Manufacturers began to use synthetic materials for sewing, which are categorically unsuitable for things of this purpose.

A little later, a sporty style crystallized – it includes things that provide the advantages inherent in such clothes:

convenience in any weather;

free fitting;

ease of appearance;


but cannot be used for physical tasks. These are comfortable everyday clothes that can be worn at home and outdoors almost all year round.

How to choose the right product?

You cannot choose sports items based on their appearance. If you are looking for a suit for morning jogging, fitness, or any kind of workout, it should be made from natural or special fabrics designed for physical activity. Sure:

the model must be liked;

evoke pleasant emotions;

it should give the most comfortable feeling for the type of activity for which you chose it,

But first, the material, because any physical exercise promotes intense sweating, and the usual synthetics, which do not remove moisture, make serious training impossible.

Lightweight and warm tracksuits

For flight training, a women’s suit may consist of capris, light cotton pants, and a T-shirt. But, if you work out in the open air or there is an air conditioner in the room, buy another blouse that can be worn during a break or at the end of the lesson, when the body is warmed up and the cold air can cause a cold.

For sports in the fall and winter, it is more difficult to choose clothes. Here you need to build on how your body reacts to cold. It is advisable to purchase special sports underwear on which the suit is worn. Look for such products only in specialized clothing stores, they are usually expensive, but they are very wear-resistant, convenient and reliable for maintaining health.

Women’s tracksuits with fur, rhinestones, lurex and other decor

This is, one might say, a new type of clothing. American fashion designers were the first to decorate an ordinary women’s tracksuit with a very bright decor, like large stones and sequins – a comfortable inconspicuous thing has become effective and original.

Suits of this design are very popular now, and the more varied shine, the better. But it should be noted that their purpose is walking, visiting fashion events, parties. Combine them with accessories of the appropriate style and you will be a star, and for sports activities, choose a model without shiny elements.