One of the major differences between wholesalers and retailers are that, wholesale clothing vendors purchases directly from the manufacturers to sell to the retailers at a considerable price. The retailers on the other hand purchase these manufactured clothes from the wholesalers only to sell it at higher price to its customers, for making profit.  Besides, there are other factors that separate the business-

  1. Wholesalers purchases clothes from the manufacturers in a voluminous quantity but at a low price. Retailers tend to sell their products at a higher price. 
  2. A wholesaler does not have to deal with the art of selling or attracting the customers, but retailers ought to think about the outward appearance to captivate consumers. 
  3. The size of wholesale business is bigger than retailer business and therefore the capital requirement is higher. 
  4. The wholesale clothing vendors does not have to think about there location of business because they sell products in a bulk. For the retailers, appearance of the shop is of utmost importance.  
  5. There is no need for wholesalers to advertise their business but it is a necessity for retailers to attract customers. 
  6. Wholesalers do not have the option to choose their products as they are bought in a bulk. The retailers on the other hand have this advantage to choose it’s own products for better sale.

Wholesale business and it’s role in fashion industry

Wholesalers need to be very tactful in their business in the fashion industry. Not only do they have to keep in mind, the quality of the apparel and its updated fashion status for people of different age and sex, but also have to keep a special attention to the huge categories of women’s fashion world. Women clothing vendors deals only with those wholesalers, who can keep up with the latest fashion trends, and something more, unique and better. 

Furthermore, it is necessary for them to keep the customers interested in various sales and discounts, at every season. This not only helps in retaining customers but also leads to increment in sales. Women demand of a wide variety of clothing such as eastern or western wear, casuals, formals, party-wear, summer clothes, winter clothes, traditional wears, and beach wears; and each of these are to be provided with the upgraded trend. 

Some secrets of wholesale business

That is certain secrets that are not likely revealed by wholesalers about their policy of selling products.

One of the major important facts that the wholesale clothing vendors will not reveal to its customers is that, the amount they seek from shop retailers are much higher, and sometimes even twice the actual rate at which it purchases from the factories. This is because the wholesale vendors need to earn back the amount that they initially invest in buying the product by selling it to retailers at a price higher than the original cost, which in turn is again set to be sold in increment, to the final customers. 

There are many boutiques that find wholesale business as a way to circumvent designer clothing.  Therefore there are many boutique or shop owners they tend to prefer white label factory design, that seems to give similar result but at a much lower price. These white label factories, even allows the newbies of the business to add their own tag along with the original , that helps is gaining the company, recognition. 

There is a risk in purchasing products that are already manufactured before. Although purchasing these inventory products can work in favour in a developing business it can also create a lot of issues. Since these wholesale vendors provides product to many other retailers there’s a chance that same pieces of clothing I purchased by more than one retailers and you cannot attract a customer unless you lower the cost. This can be very tricky if you’re new to the business.

Not every wholesale vendor is trustworthy. Many brands tends to keep their wholesalers “under the radar” so that other competitors do not take advantage of getting the same products only to sell it at a lower rate. Although, sometimes brand do not tend to hide their wholesale vendors, that can be used against the company to ruin their business. 

There is a big risk in buying from women clothing vendors. Generally this wholesalers purchasing products in bulk and there can be products that are defective or apparels that do not meet up the fashion trends. Thus, it can lead to overstocking of shops or boutiques due to the products being unfit for sale, causing the company to suffer major losses.  This can be a major threat to the company’s reputation and lessen its demands. 

Dealers of women’s clothing

Due to the higher demands of women’s clothing and the update of products every once in awhile, causes the women clothing vendors to seek for more than one wholesale dealer to provide the product to its customer at the proper moment. This can be a risky step; it’s not for wholesale clothing vendors can be trusted in their field. With the rise of a number of fashion brands and multi-brand retailers, it has become a big competition for the newbies in this business to gain a trusting work relationship with wholesalers. 

Moreover there is a lot for them to learn and experience in order to establish a successful and well demanded boutique or clothing store. People generally visit those centres that ate established and have been running their business for a long time, because everyone has trust issues due to the growing cases of fraud business. This is why; new business must come up with unique ideas and guarantee proof or seek the help of multi-band retailers to earn recognition. 

Keep eyes and ears open

Fashion has become an important part of every human’s life. Therefore, a lot of impostors have gained the confidence to start a fraud business, and trick people into purchasing cheap products. Products go by various hands before reaching its final consumer, and thus people must check and be alert to wha tever they purchase, wherever they purchase it from.