The fact of death is undisputed and can be found in all forms. Are you aware of the reports of women dying in the gym? Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy however not at the expense of our lives.

The people of Canada and across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australiaare shocked by the shocking news of the death of one woman in this circumstance. But, a lot of them are concerned and share this information to spread awareness. Let’s discuss more about Woman Dies on Smith Machine and its video.

What’s in the video that is viral?

A video that was shared on social media about how the woman who was killed on Smith Machine died is now an all-over social media sensation. The video runs for about one minute long and shows the woman died following a crash upon the Smith Machine. Also you can see in the video that doing the incorrect Smith Machine squat takes woman’s lives.

The incident occurred in the gym in the Mexican city, where a woman tried to lift 400lbs, i.e., 180kg weight. In the meantime, the incident was captured on the gym’s CCTV and is quite popular with Smith Machine Death Video Reddit.

Furthermore, when watching the video, some people said that she was not experienced in the gym and her the weight was too much for her. The equipment broke her upper body, leading to her death immediately.

What is an Smith Machine?

It is a device that is used for weight training. The apparatus is made up of a barbell, which is connected to a rail made of steel, that helps to lift the weight vertically. It is the Smith Machine is famous in gym culture and allows for many different exercises. It is mainly used for Squats.

After the Smith Machine Squat Death Videowent to the internet, many believed that she had just one spotter. Due to only having one spotter she was able to not support the weight. This is why many emphasize following the safety training and not taking action without the trainer.

Fitness and gyms have helped us in shaping our looks. However, without a trainer you could hurt yourself and equipment that is heavy could cause injury or death. The woman at the gym isn’t older, but she claimed she’s in her 30s and her daughter is just entering her teens.

Smith Machine Squat Death Reddit

After the incident, members of the fitness center were observed defending the lady with the barbell. But it’s for her since she’s been killed. In addition, it’s evident that she was in the same room with a child who was her daughter and she’s in total stupor after what happened. The incident occurred in February of this year, however today millions of viewers have viewed and shared this gruesome video.


Since the gym is everybody’s most-loved place to shape their bodies, it is important to take care of yourself and perform an exercise that is safe. Everyone learned something from the Woman dies on Smith Machine incident.