You would like to buy mobile phones and PlayStations. You have probably heard of If you are still not sure, check out this blog review.

PlayStation is the most popular digital device in the world with current records. But United States gamers are insane with their new series, so the shop has decided to launch this business for the US.

If you are worried about whether a store is legitimate, check out this article Is Wish Electronics Legit.

Is Wish Electronics scam

This website is not trusted due to its low trust score. This website was just recently introduced. It is now less than six months old.

  • Domain appearance: The domain has been identified a few months back, on 2021/07/04.
  • Trust score: This website appears suspicious _. It has an Alexa rank 6,300,682 and a trust score of 1%.
  • Contact us: They offer information via phone and email.
  • Social Media: This website includes links to social media pages, such as Facebook or Telegram.
  • Customer Reviews: There’s no Wish Electronics Reviews customer rating.

Information about Wish Electronics

The website acts as a one stop shop for all electronic products locally and internationally. Its primary goal, as well as maintaining the product’s quality, is to meet the expectations of customers.

The store currently has a location in the United States but ships internationally. Customers can find the most current games and electronics at this store.

Some items are listed below:

  • Apple accessories
  • Samsung Phones
  • Apple iPhone
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Sony PlayStation
  • PS5 CD Games
  • Nintendo Game
  • Speakers
  • Headset

Before making a purchase, please read this article Is Wish Electronics Legit

Features Wish Electronics

  • Website URL:
  • Contact email: [email protected]
  • Return policy: Can be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  • Payment Methods: To purchase, use google pay, mastercard or visa card.
  • Special Offer: There are different discount codes depending on the product. All orders above $1000 qualify for free shipping
  • Return Policy: 100% money back guarantee for all orders. Refunds will however be handled according our store’s policies.
  • Track order Customers can track their order using their order number or email address.
  • Contact Number: +1-282-593-6915
  • Address1535 McCausland A Apt A St. Louis MO 631117, USA
  • Shipping policy: According to the research information at Are Wish Electronics Legit It takes only 10-14 days to ship.


  • The website offers significant discounts on products
  • Each product comes with a minimum 1-year warranty. Other products have a 2-year warranty with a money-back assurance.
  • The website offers a wide selection of electronics, such as phones, Xbox, Playstation and Xbox, as well accessories.

  • This is a new website with positive reviews that indicates it is a scam.
  • The Instagram or Facebook icons will redirect you to the share page for the post, not the official page.
  • 57% have duplicate content on this website.

Wish Electronics Reviews

Only positive reviews are listed in the customer feedback section. This website has a trust score of 1%. Our research shows that this website has an Alexa rank of 6,300,682. It is not clear if this website has received any negative reviews. It is also concerning that the website has only been online for four months. It could be that there are legitimate concerns because the website is new to the internet. This website sells products such as PlayStation.

Given the above facts, Is Wish Electronics Legit.

Final Summary

It’s only a month old with a trust rating 1%. This makes it an unauthorized site. Because there is very little traffic to Alexa rank, it has a low rank. It is better to avoid any new website or do your research before purchasing. These e-commerce websites are not likely to ship the ordered item, or they may dispatch something entirely different or of lower quality.

Is Wish Electronics Legit The reasons given can be used to justify the issue.

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