After the proper installation of solar panels, life gets simpler as you now have a more efficient and renewable means of energy production. However, some issues occur when these panels are poorly cared for and maintained.

Failure to keep a good eye on your panels, alongside other mistakes made when caring for solar panels in winter, can leave you breaking the bank to repair damages. So read on for the five most common mistakes made during solar panel maintenance and how to avoid them.

5 Mistakes to Avoid for Proper Solar Panel Maintenance

Here are the basic mistakes that most solar panel owners make and how you can avoid them

1. Failure to Inspect the Panels Regularly

One of the easiest mistakes is ignoring the regular inspection of the panels and their components. Since it’s the only way you can honestly tell if the panels are still in good condition, failure to do so leads to a drop in performance and accumulation of faults.

Faulty wiring, wear and tear, damages, debris, and so on are some factors to consider when inspecting the panels. At the same time, any fault found should be immediately attended to.

2. Excessive Cleaning

In an attempt to leave the panels looking as new as possible, people make the mistake of excessively cleaning their panels. That is either done by using harsh abrasives or by applying excess pressure through pressure washers to the surface of the panels.

The effect is that you can degrade the surface of your panels, leaving them prone to wear and tear. It’s important always to follow cleaning instructions and use mild cleaning tools to avoid this error.

3. Failure to Trim Trees and Remove Shades

While trees are great for aeration and decorations, they pose significant threats to the efficiency of solar panels. The long, overgrown branches block sunlight, and tree debris can fall on panels, reducing energy production and efficiency.

Therefore, you should keep the trees well-trimmed and ensure they do not block the panels.

4. Failure to Provide Protection Against Weather

Extreme weather conditions are also considerable threats to the physical state and efficiency of solar panels. Factors such as heavy winds and rain, plus intense heat and sunlight, can cause physical damage like cracks to the solar panels.

To avoid this mistake, install solar panel covers and roofs to limit the intense sunlight at peak hours while keeping the panels safe from other harsh weather conditions.

5. Not Using Enough Water When Cleaning

Another cleaning mistake is using insufficient water. Not only does it lead to ineffective cleaning, but it also causes the panels to overheat, leading to decreased panel system efficiency. Plus, the accumulation of debris and dirt doesn’t help much either.

Therefore, be sure to use enough water when cleaning to remove any dirt that could block the sun’s rays. At the same time, using enough water helps keep the panels cool and maintain a high efficiency.

The Essence of Proper Solar Panel Maintenance

It is only when you take the time to maintain your panels that you enjoy all their benefits without hitches. So, follow the tips above to avoid silly mistakes that can cost extra quids to fix.