Are you interested in the controversial statement of a self-proclaimed psychic? You want to read more about his claims in support of the statement? To learn more about his claims that aliens are approaching the earth, read to the end.

People from the United States have been shocked at the statement about alien invasion. His findings have been trending on major social networking platforms.

Let’s discuss ” Will When Aliens Land ?” and learn more about this topic.

Alien Earth Landing

Uri Geller has once again been a celebrity who amazes the audience with his brainpower. He claims that aliens will soon land on earth. Uri claimed that aliens will land on earth in the next five-years.

Uri also claimed that he witnessed the actions of aliens through his psychic powers. Uri claims that aliens also created a portal on the red planet using advanced lasers.

When will the Aliens Land?

  • Uri claims the psychic powers demonstrated the activities performed by aliens.
  • He claims that the aliens are able to monitor human activities for long periods of time.
  • Uri mentioned that remote viewing allowed him to see these activities.
  • Aside from that, he says that his mind travels through the time and space to observe the activities of aliens.
  • Uri also mentions strange activities that are taking place in outer space. Uri also finds NASA information that rejects alien attacks to be quite shocking.

Uri Giller?

  • A trending question, ” Will When Aliens land?” was raised by Uri’s recent statement.
  • Uri Geller is an illusionist. shows.
  • Geller was conceived in Tel Aviv (Israel) on 20th December 1946.
  • He was an entertainer for over four decades, appearing on various TV shows worldwide.
  • Geller asserts that he used psychic power to help Reading F.C. to avoid relegation on February 2, 2002.

Uri Gill

  • Geller also claims he saw aliens on Mars. Read more about Will The Aliens Land?
  • Geller also believes the aliens could make their way to Earth within the next 5 to 24 years to start living on earth.
  • Geller also denies the possibility that an alien invasion might occur. He believes that aliens seek to build friendships and live peaceful lives on Earth.

Please be aware that these details are not framed and are based on data online.


Uri Geller’s paranormal claims continued to attract media attention. The public was overwhelmingly supportive of the statements about extraterrestrials.

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