Have you ever watched Oscar evening onTV? If so, you’re aware of what transpired during the show between Will Smith and Chris Rock on stage, when Smith was on stage and slammed the presenter, Chris Rock. The controversial incident between the two creates controversy across the globe.

Making it to the stage and striking the Presenter can be very tasty however, what is it that does it make Will Smith furious that much? The incident also caused people to think about the behavior from Will Smith on Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle’s comments about JA Rule is surfacing the internet.

The Reasons This Happens

The presenter on The presenter of Oscar evening, Chris Rock, made the fun of Jada pinkett’s hair. Chris Rock made a few snide comments about the hair of Jada, which caused Will angry. Jada Pinkett is suffering from loss of hair due to Alopecia, which she talked about in the past.

If Chris Rock cracked a joke about her hair shorn on stage, Will Smith could not digest this kind of mockery about his spouse in the crowd and he rushed on stage beat himand yelled from his seat to not use his wife’s name so unacceptable manner.

What is the reason for the controversy Dave Chappelle on Chris Rock Will Smith ?

About 20 years in the past, David Chapelle made some negative remarks about JA Rule’s view about the events of 9/11. However, he was talking about 9/11, an Famous TV journalist wanted to learn about JA Rule’s views about the incident of 9/11.

David Chappelle said in an humorous way that no one wanted to know the details of JA Rule was thinking about this particular incident. Read on to learn more about this controversy. Many are speculated on how Will will react Will in response to Dave the incident.as David Chappelle has also performed jokes about his belt.

Will Smith on Dave Chappelle

We were hoping to learn the opinion of Dave Chappelle about Smith’s slap at Chris during Oscar night. We didn’t find any responses from the actor. However, the people who are fans of Dave Chappelle are anticipating that Dave would be there if Dave was there instead of Chris on the Oscar night, he’d do this with him.

And then Dave will lash out at Smith and take to the stage. He would then begin roasting Will along with his partner until they left the stage. According to the viewers it could be the response that happened to Dave Chappelle on Chris Rock Will Smith.

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The Final Words

We’ve all heard of the controversy surrounding Will Smith and Chris Rock on Oscar night. We ask readers to provide your valuable feedback in the comment section , regardless of whether you are in support of the decision of Will or not.

It is also possible to discuss the extent that standup comedians is able to go when performing comedy on stage. Do they have the right to make fun of any health issue?