On Thursday, a 9-year old girl went missing from the wedding location, Wildenstein within the Blue Mountains. The incident was reported as 8.20 am Thursday morning. Charlise Mutten who was missing was last seen on the front verandah of the Wildenstein Estate within Australia. Police started their investigation, and it took between 5 and 6 days to find the culprit.

In the following article, we will look at the whole incident that occurred on January 13, 2022.

What was the story during Wildenstein?

Wildenstein is a renowned wedding venue, which was mentioned in the report of missing the 9-year-old girl. Charlise Mutten, who was missing girl is the child of Kallisten Mutten. Kallista Mutten had a relationship to Justine Stein. Kallista along with charlise Mutten enjoyed an excursion at Wildenstein at Blue Mountains, Sydney. Justin Stein’s family is the owner of the property.

On the 13th of January, 2022 Charlise Mutten vanished from her home as she disappeared on Wildenstein’s verandah Wildenstein the following Thursday. The case was reported police around 8:20 am Friday. The girl was dressed in an Pink collar and a round neck top Nike thongsand a short skirt while on the grounds of Wildenstein Estate .

Investigation reports

The police began investigating and discovered that a vehicle was driving away from Justin Stein’s block without headlights on at around 4:30 am on Friday morning. The driver was not visible and was not recognized. A red-colored Colorado Ute was observed on the street of Justin. Investigators walked through the bush surrounding the property to search of clues. On the 16th of January, volunteers from RSI discovered footprints of barefoot as well as a the trail fire.

Charlise was with her mother over two weeks while she was in Queensland. The police team wasn’t despairing, but Charlise’s disappearance was now an open mystery. A boat was confiscated by police officers at Hawkesbury River, which was taken to the forensic lab. Charlise Mutten’s stepfather had been questioned earlier as well.

Wildenstein Estate

The girl, aged 9, has disappeared from the extravagant estate. The news was shocking because relatives of her stepfather’s father was the owner of the property. As per reports Justin Stein is the husband of her mother, Kallista Mutten. Kallista was unable to stand after being informed she was not home with her child. She was transported into the hospital.

On the 19th of January, 2022 Justice Stein was arrested and accused of murdering Charlise Mutton. A barrel was discovered in the bushes near the Colo River. Some remains were discovered in the barrel, and they match the girl’s name. The body has not been officially identified until now. Justin Stein was apprehended by the police. The girl was spotted within the Wildenstein Estate but was was never seen again.


Even though the suspect is caught the mother is left with her child. Justin Stein was surrendered by the police and was charged with the offense. Bail was not granted to himand he was ordered to not appear before the court.