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In the wake of the demise of well-known actor Bob Saget, his wife Kelly Rizzo is getting quite the attention worldwide. Many are trying to find Kelly Rizzo’s Wikipedia page but there’s no Wikipedia page for her. In this article we’ll discuss the Wikipedia page of Kelly Rizzo.

What is Kelly Rizzo?

Kelly Rizzo is a social media influencer, blogger and television celebrity, and entrepreneur in her home in the United States. She is well-known in the media for being the wife of comedian and actor Bob Saget.

Kelly is a well-known brand name to her credit. According to her profiles on social media she is the co-founder and executive producer of the award-winning food and beverage producer company Eat Travel Rock Production.

Kelly Rizzo also has her YouTube channel on which she posts videos about life, beauty tips makeup and health, healthy living and many other subjects. Kelly Rizzo is also well popular for her podcast.

Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo: Personal Career and Life

Kelly Rizzo was born on 19th May 1979 into an Christian family from Chicago, United States. She has been fascinated by journalism for a long time. She enrolled in a course in The University of Iowa relating to journalism. She later earned her bachelor’s degree at DePaul University with a major in communication.

Following her college graduation Kelly Rizzo worked for the real estate company Dream Town Realty for over 15 years as a real estate agent. Later, she shifted into journalism and content development. She was host of numerous TV shows, and was model.

Kelly Rizzo: Family

Then, in The Wikipedia article about Kelly Rizzo, we will look into her family.

Sharon Rizzo is Kelly Rizzo’s mother, and Santo Rizzo is Kelly Rizzo’s father. Kelly Rizzo was raised with her sisters in the house in the family of Chicago in Illinois in that is the United States. Two of her siblings are Kimberly Rizzo and Kristin Rizzo.

Kelly Rizzo is very close to her family. She is constantly posting photos of her parents and siblings. Recently, after she had her daughter born Kelly posted a sweet post in which she said that she was thrilled to welcome her niece, for whom she also serves as the Godmother. She also posted a picture of the baby.

Kelly Rizzo & Bob Saget

In the Wikipedia article Kelly Rizzo We will examine how Kelly and Bob interact. Kelly as well as Bob.

Kelly has been the wife to Bob Saget, a well-known American actor. According to sources, Bob & Kelly met at a dinner party in 2015 by way of a common friend. They began to develop a romantic relationship following that. Bob and Kelly made the decision to get married and tied the knot in 2017 after just two years of courtship.

On the 28th of October, 2018 Kelly made vows to Bob Saget just a year following. The wedding took place at Shutters located in Santa Monica Beach, California the wedding was held.


Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget were married only for three years, however they were the most joyful and most beautiful couple according to their acquaintances.