People are enthralled by the game of football and watching it. Famous football players are famous in different nations, including that of the United States. Many people love football players. Are you a fan of football coaches? Have you heard about Lovie Smith?

There are people who know the singer, but many aren’t aware of the man. The article below, we’ll talk about everything related to the Wiki Lovie Smith.

who are you? Lovie Smith?

In the midst of many football coaches, some are successful and well-known. Lovie Smith is among the few. He is the full form of Lovie Lee Smith. He is a soccer coach from America born on the 8th of May in 1958. He is the Head Coach for the National Football League of Houston Texans.

From 2004 to 2012 he was the head coach from his team, the Chicago Bears, and in 2014 and 2015, he was the director of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 1980, he was the defensive coordinator at Big Sandy HS. In 1995, he became an assistant coach for defensive backs for Ohio State. After a long period of work after that, at the end of 2004, he was promoted to the head coach.

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Lovie Smith Personal life of

Lovie Smith was born living in Big Sandy, Texas. His mother was blinded and lost sight due to the disease diabetes. He is a supporter of The Association of American Diabetes. Lovie was married with Mary Anne, and the couple were blessed with three children. He is a member of a fervent Christian community, and donates towards Brown Chapel each month.

The famous football coach Lovie Smith along with his spouse, Mary Anne, are the foundation’s founders. MaryAnne as well as the Lovie Smith foundation. It is a foundation that is focused upon the development of children and youngsters who are struggling with reaching their academic goals.

Wiki Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith has walked the position of Head Coach after having worked in various areas of his career. Many people around the world are impressed by his coaching talents. He was named NFL Coaching of the (2005)year. The regular session for NFL can be found at 89-87(506) The Postseason was 3-3(500) and his career is 92-90(505).From 1980 to the present , he’s done a lot of work for his professional career.

Some fans may be interested in learning the salary of the 62-year old head coach of the football team Lovie Smith. He is a well-deserved fortune. The famous football coach earns an annual salary of $5 million. According to certain sources Wiki Lovie Smith’s net worth Wiki Lovie Smith is about $10 million. It is impossible to earn this amount without dedication. There is no doubt that he was passionate about his accomplishments.


Lovie Smith is famous across several nations. He has captured millions of hearts during his life. His accomplishments are the result of his dedication and hard work. Lovie Smith has become a well-known name, and has been appointed as the head coach for Houston Texas. Houston Texas on 7 Feb.