Black Bird, a new drama, has received a lot of love from people across Australia, Canada. The United States, United Kingdom and Germany. The drama’s central characters are serial killer Larry Hall (and drug dealer Jimmy Keene). To learn more about Larry Hall please read Wiki Larry Hall.

Larry Hall

Apple TV+ has the drama series Black Bird. Larry Haul stars as the lead. He abducted Jessica Roach from her home and committed fifteen criminal acts. Larry Hall plays a serial killer and drug dealer in this crime series. Larry Hall confessed before being released. Jimmy Keene, a drug suspect, was taken into custody. He was sentenced for ten years in prison. He reached a settlement with FBI agents to get out of prison and erase all of his drug records and dirty records.

Storyline Larry Hall Sex Killer

Jimmy Keene didn’t have much money. To make more money, he began drug dealings. When he was 20, he already had $1 million in his bank account. The FBI later learned of Keene’s drug dealings. He was sentenced after being convicted to 10 years in prison behind bars. Jimmy Keene attempts to befriend Larry Hall in prison because if Larry agrees to a confession by coaxing him then FBI agents will wash his dirty records. FBI agents believe Wiki Larry Hall to have been a serial killer and desperately need his confession.

Jimmy Keene & Larry Hall, Where are They Now?

Where is Keene and Larry? It’s the most-searched question on the Internet. Jimmy Keene, a free man, lives with his father for five more years. Larry Hall, who is known for being a serial murderer of 15 homicides. Larry was sentenced and will spend the rest of his life behind bars. But, FBI agents still have questions about the fact that Larry has been only charged with Jessica Roach’s death and 14 other crimes. Larry Hall Serialkillerof 15 Murders. However, his confessions were later retract.

Black Bird is a drama series about a shocking story.


To wrap up, we will tell our readers about the true story behind a drug dealer/serial killer. Without giving away spoilers of the series, we have shared the main storyline for Blackbird. This is the original source of the post.

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