It is always a mind boggling moment when you find that your WiFi is connected but you can’t access the internet, right? You can experience “WiFi connected but no internet” issue due to inaccurate settings or improper configuration of your device. Whatever the reason is, you can easily fix “WiFi connected but no internet” issue in minutes. Let’s help you to make the most of your internet.

Fix: WiFi Connected But No Internet Issue

Restart Your Device

Yes, you read it right? A simple restart can fix most of the device-related issues. If you are trying to access the internet using router or a WiFi range extender, consider rebooting or power cycling the device to get the issue fixed in no time.

To reboot/ power cycle or restart your device:

  • Turn off the WiFi device you are using.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Turn on your device again.

Now, try to access on your client device and see if this tip has worked for you or not.

Check the Internet LED on Your Device

Needless to say, have you turned on your WiFi device (modem, router, or extender)? If yes, then check the internet LED on your device. Make sure that the internet LED on your WiFi device is stable. On the off chance if you are unable to see the stable internet power LED on your WiFi device, contact your ISP right away.

Change the Default Settings on Your WiFi Device

If your client devices are connected to your router, extender or the modem and you still can access the internet, change the default settings on your WiFi device. Sometimes, due to wireless interference, your WiFi device may not perform well.

For instance:

  • If you have a Netgear extender, then you can easily change its default settings on the setup wizard screen using
  • And if you are using a Netgear router, change the router’s default settings via IP.
  • In order to change the default settings on your modem, ask your service provider. In the event that he denies to help you, contact our experts and we will provide you a better alternative.

Get Rid Of Outdated Netgear Driver

Sometimes, an outdated network drive can also let you cope up with “WiFi connected but no internet” issue. To resolve this mind boggling issue, update the network drivers on your WiFi devices right away.

Choose a Non-Congested Location

The location of your WiFi devices matters a lot. If you have placed your router, extender or the modem:

  • In a corner
  • Inside cabinet
  • Behind the door
  • Near to walls or windows, etc.

Then, you will surely encounter with “WiFi connected but no internet” issue. Thus, to fix it, place your WiFi devices openly and in reach or each other.

Update the Firmware

Another major reason that let you experience “WiFi connected but no internet” issue is the outdated firmware on your devices. So, to get the most out of your internet and the WiFi devices, update their firmware right away.

  • To check for the available firmware updates on your Netgear extender, visit
  • To check for the latest firmware version on your Netgear router, visit
  • And for you modem, you need to contact your ISP. If you had kicked him off already, then contact us.

If you found any firmware available for your WiFi device, update it by following and applying the given instructions.

Pro Tip: Contact us if you failed to update the latest firmware on your WiFi device.

To Conclude

We hope that this piece of writing will help you fix “WiFi connected but no internet” issue. However, if you still experiencing the same issue, then it could be better to reach out to us without delay through comments.