If you work with an SEO company to optimise your website and how it appears in searches, it is likely that they will recommend a blog to you at some point. A blog is a great way for you to consistently generate content that will appeal to your customers and to search engines. Here are some of the key reasons why your SEO company recommends a blog for your website.

Be an industry expert

Creating a blog for your industry website is a great way to show off your knowledge and prove your status as an industry expert. Your SEO company will want to help boost the reputation of your business as much as possible and a blog is a great way to show potential customers that you know what you are doing.

Having a space where you can share updates about your business or the industry in general will show people that you are committed to providing customers with the information and services that are going to be the most beneficial to them. Your SEO company can advise on topics or you can select them yourself. You should aim to write clearly and with passion, this will show your readers that you are a business that can be trusted to guide them within your industry.


Your SEO company may also recommend a blog as a way to appeal to search engines through incorporating relevant keywords to your website. If your content is good quality and also has the right amount of keywords to register on search engines, you will likely boost your website’s ranking.

Writing articles that contain keywords or phrases often searched by your target audience will help your website rank on these terms. If you are producing relevant content that revolves around topics that your potential customers are searching for, they will be more likely to find your website and subsequently your business. Your SEO company can advise on keywords to use and help you incorporate them appropriately.

Inform your visitors

Ultimately, the goal of search engines, businesses, and SEO companies alike is to inform customers. Customers come to the internet searching for information in some shape or form. The goal of all the websites that exist on the internet is to be the best source of this information so that they will visit you over others.

A blog is the best possible way to provide lengthy details about your business or your industry. If you simply put all the information you know on an ordinary page of your website, it will deter customers as it will be overwhelming. A blog is a dedicated place where they know they will find this detail. Your SEO company likely recommends this as it is perfect for showcasing what you know in a way that customers expect.


If your SEO company recommends that you start a blog for your business, it is wise to follow their advice. Blogs are a great way to communicate with your customers and show them that you are the expert in your industry. It allows you to demonstrate why they should trust you and your knowledge above others.