How justified are parental fears and fears of sending children to the camp? Is it worth it to be separated from the child for a long time? If you are still in doubt whether you should send your children to a children’s camp for holidays or not, then pay attention to the autumn camp in Singapore. Camp Maker with a good reputation and professional counselors. It already has programs with different biases that will help discover new talents in your children. You can find them on the camp website. Consider the benefits and harms of camp shifts for schoolchildren and adolescents.

Why do parents not want to send their children to camp?

The most common concerns of parents about this are based on the fear of losing control over the child. Namely, the fear that during the shift the child will be injured or ill, fall under the bad influence of peers or be offended by someone.

Still, in such an environment, children gain freedom from parental care, and although it is impossible to completely predict how they will behave in an independent “camp life”, you can choose the environment and conditions for the child in the camp. Therefore, the choice of a children’s camp should be approached very responsibly: what are the conditions of stay? What contingent? What is the camp program? You should not send your child to a dubious institution whose reputation you are not sure. Parents’ reviews of children’s camps will help you figure out what’s what.

Psychological discomfort

Being separated from their parents (if we are talking about round-the-clock camps) or far from home and friends, some children acutely feel a lack of communication with their relatives, they may cry or mope. But at the same time, the correct organization of interesting leisure activities can more than compensate for the separation, so much so that the child simply will not have time to be sad.

Reluctance of the child or parent

In the case when your baby for some reason categorically does not want to go to a children’s camp (for example, if you already had an unpleasant experience of traveling to such an institution), then you do not need to force the baby. Although a trip to a children’s camp is a valuable life experience for a child and even an adventure that should not be neglected.

There are little secrets on how to quickly adapt and overcome stress before going to a children’s camp:

– if you are afraid to let your child go alone, your child is modest and quiet, then agree to go with your friends (classmates, neighbors, relatives).

  • carefully study the camp program and prepare the child for what exactly he will do there;
  • tell him about the opportunities and benefits for a student or teenager that he can get (new acquaintances, new places, independence, etc.);
  • you can arrive at the camp earlier, before the race, to introduce the guys and mentors, as well as to get used to the situation;
  • take with you some favorite thing (toy, book);
  • in the end, in some camps, parents can come to visit their children on any day.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your “comfort zone”, because the list “for children’s camps” is much more interesting.