Music has a wonderful way of affecting our mood, energy levels, and behavior. Research says that consumers are more inclined to stores that play music in the background than those which don’t. If you’re like many people, you feel uncomfortable shopping in a silent store. However, while stores should play background music to keep customers inside for longer, the type and volume level should be carefully chosen. The right music played at the right volume can do wonders for your sales and revenue. Here are five reasons why stores should play music.

Fosters Customer Loyalty

Most businesses, if not all, depend on returning customers to thrive. However, to entice a customer to return takes time and effort. But, it’s not as difficult as acquiring a new customer. Therefore, you should try and maintain the customers that you already have through building trust and loyalty in them.

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It’s why you should consider adding music to your sales strategy if you haven’t already. Playing the right sound that resonates with your customers’ values, tastes, and beliefs, makes them feel important to a brand. As such, they are likely to return. Sure, loyalty cards are important. But if you want to give your customers a deep sense of belonging, play the right type of music.

Sets the Pace for Shopper’s

The speed, rhythm, and volume of music in a store influence how the customers flow through it. For instance, people tend to wander around slowly in stores that play soft and calm music at low tones. While shops that play energetic and loud songs generally make people increase their pace.

Surprisingly, the customers’ pace doesn’t seem to have any effect on the sales. It’s why some stores prefer to change the pace at different times based on their goals.

For instance, a store that sells music instruments might decide to play fast music when it’s almost closing hours to entice customers to shop and play slow music during off-peak hours when customers spend more time browsing through products.

Brand Identity

Did you know that customers can identify the kind of brand your business is just by listening to the background music? The notes coming out of a store are enough to tell a customer what they need to know about the brand even before they walk in. For instance, you’ll rarely find rap music being played in a shop that sells suits and other formal wear. Yet, you can easily hear this music from stores that sell sneakers. Music can help you achieve your branding goals. However, you have to be careful with the choice of music so as not to mislead customers.

Improves Customer Experience

Psychology says that a single thing can make someone change their whole perception about an entire experience. It’s why companies are always advised to ensure that they are creating meaningful interactions with their customers. From the minute a customer walks into your shop’s door, every other second they spend there should add value. That’s why music is essential. Ambient sound for retail shops helps them to create a better atmosphere for shoppers. As a result, customers will want to spend more time in your shop and ultimately buy your products.

Motivates People to Shop

Customers are likely to shop more when pleasant background music is playing. However, stores should match the music to their specific purpose. For instance, classical music is said to trigger individuals to buy expensive items. Research believes this music evokes elegance and high-quality feelings. Thus, influencing what one buys. If you run a high-end store, you may want to consider playing classic tunes.


The difference between a store that makes a lot of sales and that which doesn’t can be a simple thing as music. But, you have to study your target audience first before deciding on the type of music and tempo to play.