What is a Sarong? This is a long-flowing fabric that is mainly wrapped around the waste. This piece of fabric is soft and comes in different colorful patterns. It is versatile and very comfortable. Are you planning for your next vacation? Pack all the necessary items to make your trip worthwhile. However, there are times when you pack and then realize your luggage is heavy. Your secret to light packing is including some sarongsThese fabrics are the most practical and valuable pieces on your next trip. Carrying a full sarong (풀싸롱) is an excellent way to enjoy a fun vacation. 

There are many ways one can wear and style a sarong. You can be creative and look fashionable wearing sarong designs and achieve that fantastic look. In this article, read what to consider when buying a sarong and why you should pack a few pieces on your next trip. Consider the following:

  • Versatility: A sarong is a rectangular cloth, and it comes in many sizes. Depending on your body shape and size, there are different ways to wrap it. However, the trick is to buy different-sized sarongs that you can wear together and create other clothing pieces. You can style your sarongs as cover-ups, tops, skirts, swimwear, scarves, shawls, or full dresses.
  • Consider the weather: These garments are primarily popular in tropical climates. Many people consider them ideal as excellent vacation wear. However, you can wear and style them differently depending on the weather. You can style your sarongs to keep warm or to wear light during the hot period. You can practice the different styles in front of your mirror. 
  • Style and color: Always choose your preferred colors. Sarongs come in multiple patterns and materials. Choose different types and then style them differently to create other designs.

Below are the benefits of carrying a sarong during your next vacation. They include:

  1. Use a Sarong as a bath or beach towel

Well, you may use a towel during your trip. But once your towel gets wet, it takes time to dry. Besides taking most of your packing space, a towel won’t be as convenient as a sarong. The benefits of choosing a sarong over a towel include the following:  

  • A sarong is light to pack and carry.
  • Dries fast
  • You can use a sarong to cover yourself from the hot sun. 
  1. Use it as a scarf

You can comfortably wear this fabric as a neck or a headscarf. In some places, you have to wear a head scarf. Whether you visit a temple, mosque, or church, you can conveniently use this fabric. Also, you can use this fabric to keep yourself warm during cold or rainy days. 

  1. Use your sarong as a picnic mat or a blanket

Choose a picnic spot and then spread a sarong for decoration. The advantage is that even after laying this fabric on the ground, you can clean it easily. It is also easy to pack. In addition, whether you are traveling on planes, trains, or through public means, you can cover yourself using a full sarong (풀싸롱).