It can be alarming to discover that you have pests in your house. After all, you pay the mortgage not them. More concerning is the fact that pests can cause significant damage to your home and carry diseases. 

Rodents are capable of chewing through almost anything, including electrical cable. This can cause electrical outages, short circuits, and even fires. Termites are known to cause over a billion dollars worth of damage to buildings every year. 

The bottom line is you don’t want the pests in your home. That gives you two options, contacting a reputable commercial pest control firm and letting them deal with the issue for you, or tackling it yourself.

While heading to the store and investing in pest treatments can seem like a good idea, there are several reasons why pest control is better left to the professionals.


While there are some natural remedies available, the majority of successful pest control treatments contain chemicals. These chemicals may be harmful to humans or pets. You may think you are safe if you follow the instructions and the treatment says ‘pet safe’. But, it is easier than you think to inhale more than is safe. 

In short, treating it yourself could expose your family to harmful chemicals and potential health issues in the future. The worst part of this is that you won’t even know whether you have or not and, because you feel fine at the time, you could repeat the treatments multiple times over several years. This could compound health issues for your family.

Complete Removal

One of the hardest parts of pest control isn’t administering a treatment. It’s knowing whether it has been effective or not. In order to verify this, you need to know where the nest is for any given pest and how best to check it. 

The professionals are trained and have the equipment to do this, they will even offer a warranty to confirm the pests have been eliminated. That’s better than doing it yourself and believing they have gone, even when they haven’t. 


It may seem like the professionals are more expensive than doing it yourself. However, once you have taken into account the cost of the treatment, the amount of time you spend doing it, and then the cost of redoing it, you’ll find that the professionals are likely to be cheaper. They are certainly a more convenient solution. 

Environmental Concerns

Today, everyone is concerned about the environment and with good reason. Pest control experts know what chemicals to use and where to minimize any potential damage. However, you don’t have that training. You may be surprised by how much damage a chemical can cause when mixed with remnants of an old chemical. 

Using a commercial pest control expert is generally better for the environment. Strangely, the chemicals they use may be stronger but less damaging, because they use less of them and know where they need to be targeted.