If you aren’t able to keep track of your local SEO performance, improving your strategies and paying heed to those unidentified factors wouldn’t be a practical approach. According to the latest analysis, more than 46% of Google searches are or are local in nature and that surely tells about the density of local SEO.

For local SEO there are plenty of things that you should be mindful of so that you can perform in an expected way. When it comes to gathering the website analytics there are multiple and endless options from Hotjar, to Facebook Pixels.

You need to keep a fuller insight of each and everything be it ranking factors or conversion or lost link. After all, paying heed to hidden factors is what it is all about.  However you might think, why should you keep a “track” of it in the first place? Well this is exactly what this article is about.  Here is why tracking local SEO performance helps you out.

Why to Track Local SEO Performance?

Like mentioned above, tracking gives you fuller insight as well as you get the idea how you are going in your strategic approach. For local SEO you need to be as precise to keep your customers/visitors coming to the site.it makes sense. However for a more precise answer you tracking your local SEO performance give you;

·         The lucid idea about whether or not you are appearing in the local packs regardless if you have a link to your website or not.

·         By position tracking you get the freedom of location using ZIP code. It enhances the targeting approach.

When it comes to tracking, you’re pretty lucky to be living in this age. There are tons of tools you get which make things faster, efficient, result-oriented and above all, pretty lucid to take further decisions.

What is Google My Business?

First of all you need to know about the SERP trackers like GMB Crush. If you’re already a savvy expert of SEO you definitely have heard of GMB. But for those who are curious enough, it is the ideal service that enables both site owners and SEOs to make the online place for their companies. It helps potential customers to find the companies by local research. GMB certainly makes things super-fast and easier and pretty much practice. Google My Business Audit Tool or GMB Crush is best for businesses and organizations which let you manage online presence and it also features search and maps for location tracking.

Other Options to Keep a Seamless Tracking of Local SEO Performance

 Google Analytic

Google analytic is perhaps the first preferred choice of every SEO person. While it is best for tracking you get everything on tip without paying for this tool! Its powerful and ubiquitous approach is what welcomes everybody on board.

Google Search Console

Google search console is another powerful and recommended option that comes reasonably for viewing the performance of your listings. It is easy, user-friendly and pretty much direct for its interface. Go to the performance report in GSC and click the drop down filter option to filter on pages that are labeled as UTM (Urchin Tracking Module).

In a word, for local SEO, improving and making it better and better can only be done if you have a track of it. It is the most effective way to make visibility of business lucid and make them appear high in SERP. And without using add-ons in SERP trackers like GMB Crushyou’re far behind in the race.