Medication management is a process that helps you get the most out of your prescription medications. It involves making sure you take them at the right time, in the right amount, and the right dose.

While this can be difficult for some people, there are ways to make things easier! One app that does just that is My Medadvisor, an app designed specifically for managing your medication needs. We’ll go over how it works and how you can use it effectively today:

Manage your prescriptions in one place

One of the biggest benefits of using a medication management app is that it allows you to manage all your prescriptions in one place. You can view all your prescriptions and their refills, see when they need to be refilled, and save time by not having to call pharmacies.

It’s also important to note that many of these apps allow users access without having a prescription card. 

This means they don’t have to pay out-of-pocket costs as insurance companies do and if you’re paying out-of-pocket costs already, this could mean hundreds of dollars saved each month!

Common types of medications

Depending on the medication, it can cost anywhere from $10 to $150 per prescription. Let’s take two common types of medications, example, antidepressants and antipsychotics. A month’s supply of antidepressants will usually cost about $75. 

Antipsychotics also come at a steep price generally costing about $70 for one month of pills. These prices may be affordable for some people; but for those who have to pay out-of-pocket due to the rise in health insurance costs, this could pose a significant financial burden.

Common side effects of medications

Did you know that by missing just one dose of your medication you could be at risk for complications? Antibiotics work best when taken on an exact schedule, and many other drugs are controlled with the proper dosage. 

But sometimes medications can cause side effects, like nausea or diarrhea. If you are experiencing one of these side effects, talk to your doctor about changing your medication to get relief.

Follow-up reminders

Medication reminders are an essential tool for anyone who takes medication. You can set up a reminder on your phone or tablet to remind you when it’s time to take a certain dose of your meds, or when it’s time for blood pressure checks and cholesterol checkups. 

The app will notify you by email, text message, or even through the app itself so that there are no missed doses of medicine in between appointments with your doctor which means fewer trips back home during vacation!

Developing a routine

It can be tough to establish a routine and stick with it, but it’s so important to take your medication correctly. To save time and prevent mistakes, you should consider investing in a medication management app. 

These apps give you reminders so that you don’t forget to take your pills and follow directions for when, how often, and how many times you need to take them. Some even have educational resources about which medications work best together.

More than 50% of adults are prescribed medications and when you combine that with children, it is easy to see how keeping track of these prescriptions can become overwhelming. Research has shown that this can lead to about 5% of patients misusing their medication by taking too much or too little. With so many people at risk, it’s important to take advantage of all the tools and information available for managing your medications effectively.

The main advantages of the app are that they are available anywhere via phone or computer which means it will be there when I wake up or before I go to bed. No more hassle remembering what pill was taken at what time, just as long as the data is logged into the app.

Coupons and discounts

Some medications can be discounted by up to 50% when you purchase them with your app. You’ll also be able to save on over-the-counter medications, first aid supplies and more.

Your medication management app will automatically apply the best prices it finds for your prescriptions and other healthcare products. Some discounts are only available if you register with the company before making a purchase.

Notification of prescription changes

There are two ways to get notified about prescription changes. You can opt for a text message or email notification, or you can customize which ones you want to receive by setting up your preferences.

You can choose whether the notification is sent directly to you or a family member or caregiver, so they’ll be able to help with any questions that arise after the change has been made. You also have the option of having it sent when your prescription is ready for pickup at the pharmacy by selecting “when ready” as one of your options on each dispensing page.

Simplified shopping experience

You can also use the app to search for a drug by name, condition and dose. This is convenient when you have multiple medications that are similar but not identical in terms of their active ingredients.

You’ll also be able to find drugs that treat the same condition or side effects as your current medication if you want to switch from one type of medication to another without having to worry about any unwanted interactions between them.

Medadvisor is a great app for medication management.

Medadvisor is a great app for medication management and it’s easy to use. The best part about Medadvisor is that it keeps track of all your medications from over-the-counter medications like aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen (Tylenol).


Medadvisor could prove to be extremely beneficial for many people. For example, by taking more control over your medications, you may have less risk of things like overdosing or potential interactions with other drugs. This could also help people remember their meds if they’re travelling or find that they forget to take one at the usual time of day. It also can remind people if they’ve missed doses or warn them if they’re due for a refill on refills. All these things make this app beneficial because it can eliminate the possibility of negative consequences happening due to improper medication management.