It is difficult to imagine any business without involving innovative technologies nowadays. No matter whether you sell car wheels or software, you definitely run a website that should be optimized for your potential customers. Well, if you don’t, it’s time to think of it right now because your competitors must be a long way ahead of you.

Once again, no matter whether you are running a financial company or selling some mass-market products, processing tons of documents daily is a part of your business routine. You may not realize it now but financial transcription might be something your business really needs at the moment. You definitely record, document, and distribute a lot of different data. Needless to say, these things do not stand any procrastination and must be performed as quickly as possible.

Why would I need video to text transcription when selling shampoo or providing cleaning services? Yes, this question is very common among various startuppers and business owners. However, the post below will answer all of your questions precisely.

Keep reading until the very end and see what kind of perks a professional and top-quality transcription service may bring for your current business. Do not lose a single opportunity to develop, improve, and bypass your competitors with top-notch text transcriptions. We live in a digital world, don’t forget about it!

Convenience and efficiency

No matter what you sell or offer to your clients. Your workflow must be as efficient and convenient as possible. Regardless of your niche, you have sales and financial reports, annual meetings, webinars, surveys, interviews, seminars, and tons of other crucial events daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

All this content is finance-related regardless of its purpose. Whatever the goal of the event is, it is called to improve your business. We bet the information provided in all those meetings and conferences is important. A lot of financial data is covered and discussed.

How convenient is it to get back to all those video and audio recordings all the time? Are you really able to listen to all that information again and again? It would be great if they at least had timestamps, wouldn’t it? Well, why struggle, if you have a chance to facilitate the process and make your business much more efficient?

When you transcribe your audio, you visualize all financial information and have it in the form of a text. There is no need to struggle with listening to recordings, pausing them all the time, etc. You can simply open your text file, make highlights, notes, and see everything in front of you. It saves tons of your time and makes everything much easier.

However, it is crucial not to just transfer your speech to text online for free but choose a reliable company that:

  • Is aware of financial terminology;
  • Has the necessary equipment;
  • Hires only professional and experienced transcriptionists who know what they do;
  • Guarantees at least 99% accuracy;
  • Return your order as quickly as possible.

All these qualities are crucial when speaking about transcription, so pay attention to them before you choose your transcribing helper. Only with this bunch of criteria, your transcripts will really matter for the convenience and efficiency of your business. They will save a lot of your time that will bring positive results for your company.


This is a very huge advantage of transcripts. You may wonder how you can save money when you have to pay professionals to transcribe audio files. Let’s consider the situation when you have to listen to tons of recordings to extract your financial data. It is a very time-consuming process.

Instead, you can try to transcribe your English audio text by yourself or entrust this task to one of your employees. Most likely, nothing good will happen. First of all, none of you is a professional. You will need much more time to transcribe even one file.

Secondly, you do not possess all the necessary advanced equipment professionals have. It means your transcription cannot be as accurate as theirs. Last but not least, both you and your employees will waste their time on this thing instead of doing what they have to do.

When someone in a company is distracted by such things, your company is losing its money. Moreover, most companies have very affordable costs for a minute of transcription, so it won’t cost you much. In addition, it will be done very quickly without any distractions.


When it comes to finances, accuracy is one of the most significant aspects to take into account. Finances and accuracy cannot exist without one another. This is the law of life. When listening to your audio or video files and processing all this information, there is a huge chance of making a mistake. Any inaccuracy may cost you and your business a fortune.

The best transcription services help avoid these issues. You may think that those transcribers may also make a mistake while transcribing your files, however, it is a wrong assumption. The truth is those services use the advanced equipment and technologies for transcribing that are not available to average users and, thus, to you.

Moreover, one of their guarantees is almost 100% accuracy. It means that all information is delivered accurately and precisely. Besides, there are different types of transcriptions and you can even order the one that is called verbatim, i.e., will create a word-for-word transcription and save even extraneous noise.

Expand your business

Globalization means gaining more target audiences and potential customers. Regardless of your niche, you can use transcripts to:

  • Create captions and subtitles in other languages;
  • Translate your website or separate pages into other languages;
  • Use subtitles or transcripts for your video content that will attract deaf customers or those with hearing loss.

All these steps will help you gain a lot of new customers in other cities, countries, and even other continents if necessary. Translation and transcripts in foreign languages play a huge role in the SEO of your website while transcripts in the English language help attract more users who cannot hear your video content but are interested in it.

These are just a few perks financial transcripts can bring to your business. You should not neglect the opportunities modern technologies open to you. Only in this case, you can catch up with your competitors.