There are many different kinds of bed linen to choose from; ranging from duvet cover sets to comforter sets to quilted bedding sets. Knowing and understanding the different kinds will help you choose the best option for you. If you haven’t used quilted bedding before we are here to tell you why you should.


From all the different bedding options, quilted bedding is by far the easiest to maintain. Due to its light weight, just throw it into the washing machine on a cool cycle and you will have fresh smelling linen in not time. Just hang outside to air dry, fold and pack away- no ironing required! Are you convinced as yet? Let’s not forget to mention that you will never have to struggle with an inner again!

Great choice for Summer

Due to it’s light weight quilted bedding is a great option during warmer temperatures. Thinner then a duvet cover or comforter but thicker then a sheet (which is not exactly a cosy option). Quilted bedding comes in microfibre fabric as well as 100% cotton fabric. While microfibre has a slightly warmer feel and is more affordable, 100% cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, naturally absorbent and cooler.

Great for decorative purposes

Quilted bedding comes in a range of colours and designs adding a wow factor to any bedroom. Use directly on your bed or fold at the end of the bed creating a layered look. 

Extra warmth for cooler days

If you are one of those people who prefer a heavier feel you could still use quilted bedding for decorative purposes with the added benefit of using it as an extra cover on cooler days. 

The next time you visit a linen store be sure to check out the quilted bedding section.