The last two years have been uncertain and difficult for most businesses. Thousands of UK professionals worked from home and tried to navigate the difficulties of remote working. Many employers offer a flexible approach to work now, so people can choose between remote and office work – or, most often, a combination of the two.  

It’s important to support your team through this tumultuous period. Employers should make sure their employees feel valued and appreciated. Here are a few reasons why you should get to know your employees. 

A healthy work culture

There is far more emphasis on a work-life balance these days. Many professionals want to work in a positive environment with plenty of open space and natural light. A nice office can boost productivity and create a good atmosphere for your team. Retention rates will be better, and toxic behaviours should be few and far between. No one wants to work in an office filled with gossip and bullying. 

Identify internal issues

No team is perfect, and sometimes issues arise between colleagues. It’s normal. You need to get to know your employees so you can resolve any internal issues quickly. You can communicate with your team openly to identify the route of the problem. Your employees should feel comfortable coming to you with any problems they have in the workplace. Open communication can help your team work together respectfully and efficiently. 

Get to know their working styles

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Get to know your employees so you can understand their working styles and personalities. The 9-5 schedule does not work for everyone. Some people are more productive in the evening, while others thrive at 5 am. If your employees are working remotely, you need to think about their personal circumstances as well. It might be easier for them to work while the kids are at school – or after they go to bed. 

Find out their motivations

Schedule one to one sessions with your employees to review their progress in your company so far. You can ask them about their career goals and how you can help them get there. For example, they may see themselves in a management role later down the line. You could start giving them responsibility within the company, and a few leadership training courses. 

Many professionals are motivated by rewards, like promotions, employee benefits, and more. Watch out for employees who achieve targets ahead of time and go the extra mile for clients. You could send them a chocolate hamper as a thank you for their hard work. You could offer the individual more annual leave or a higher wage for larger achievements. 

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Make your team the best it can be and get to know your employees.