Every time before online shopping, do you visit the reviews section? This means you have more faith in the review than the branded item or anything that you want to buy. When we want to buy new launched product, accessories or anything else we try to collect as much information about it as we can. 

Also, people try to get feedback from others who have purchased before them. But the number of those people will be low and there is a possibility that they won’t able to understand everything about the item.

Because they gave you positive feedback and if you don’t see any updated features in it after buying it, who will you blame? At that point, you have to rely only on online shopping reviews. Are these online reviews true? People are confused about it.

 Most people think there is a mess in this. So how much truth is there in online reviews? Over 90% of customers read an online review before shopping and over 80% of users trust those reviews. 

Let’s take an example – For online shopping, you tried many online stores but you don’t find any satisfactory things. After that, while reading such reviews we got to know about VoucherArena who is dealing with discount codes, vouchers, and promo codes for everything that you needed in routine life. 

In this case, you will try to find some more reviews or information about VoucherArena.in, and with that, if you are agreed then only you can think to purchase it using different coupons.  

One thing to note that a huge number of people believe in online reviews, there are sure to be some solid reasons for it. Let’s find out then…

  1. To get transparency

If any business whether it’s local or global offers transparency then customers will naturally be drawn there, no need to do anything else. As a customer, I will be happier, to get what I am looking for. If something like this is happening, so it proves that there is no fraud in this.

It’s quite satisfying to visit that website or business. One thing had to be said about this – before the internet, people’s suggestion is the only option left. So, shopping based on only those suggestions is way too risky that our family & friends are unknown about.    

On the contrary, today customers have many resources to gather correct information for experiencing the joy of shopping.

  1. Other customer’s opinions about “what they should do?”

People will try shopping on a new website if everyone else is saying great things about it, but they’ll avoid it if everyone is saying that the service was disappointing or the products weren’t great.

In this case, people can trust a stranger, because they both are in the same process that’s why they understand each other better. Customers trust the reviews themselves because it puts belief in them like they are following the right path and this shopping wouldn’t harm their bank balance. They know that they are just trying to help them make the best purchase decision.

  1. Sometimes negative reviews also work

Some customers wrote negative reviews for no reason. Even if they get the right service, they wrote negatively about it. Thus, they want discounts at the same time they want more services. While there can be some reasons, but I don’t understand why people are behaving like this, what they are getting by behaving like this?

  1. Some fake reviews 

Yes, there are many fake reviews made by some customers for no reason or you can say it’s only a time pass. They don’t have any knowledge or concern about that product, item, or business. It is done just to comment. 

They may not have used the service or ordered certain items using it. Every businessman wants positive feedback about their work, but it is equally true that when negative reviews come for no apparent reason, they are embezzled.

  1. Kind of satisfaction survey

We put lots of effort into getting the customer to the online store, its good if they buy something out of it – but if not then? Once the customer makes a purchase, do we ever know what their feedback is about the product?

Are we trying to do something new in this regard? With this purpose in mind, business needs such efforts to live up to the customer satisfaction. So, what are the different tricks for that? 

When a customer makes an online purchase, all the information is feed into the website’s database. Using that information, you can contact the relevant customer by e-mail, which can be called a satisfactory survey. 

Not everyone will reply to this, but maybe someone will give a positive reply, and yes, what customers think about those products is just as important. But if you think more people should reply, then we need to improve such service so that there are no spaces for drawbacks.

Concluding this…

Maybe customers trust these reviews because it allows them to gain more knowledge about the new services, brand new products – even if the business is not transparent. On the contrary, people can have a different mindset which brings different reasons in action; therefore we can’t decide why trust reviews are more important.  

Reviews are important to gain transparency from businesses and to consolidate purchase decisions. For these reasons, find out the customer who leaves a detailed positive review, but while doing so don’t neglect negative reviews. It’s your first duty to respond to negative reviews because sometimes they give a correct report about such circumstances.