Shipping options, including packing, are often overlooked by eCommerce store owners. Considering the variety of possibilities, each with its own set of complexities, requires careful deliberation. There is a lot more richness and complexity to each choice and criterion than meets the eye.

Because most individuals aren’t familiar with the nuances of packing choices for eCommerce delivery, they often don’t know what questions to ask, which alternatives to examine, or even what criteria to employ. Therefore, many entrepreneurs lose money because they don’t know how to answer the issue of what kind of packing would be appropriate for shipping their purchases.

They might even take it for granted that checking boxes is the norm or that everything is created equal. What they don’t realize is that poly mailers have several advantages over other shipping methods. The importance of a poly mailer manufacturer and why you should use one are explained below.


Shipping and packaging expenses may be affected by a wide variety of variables, such as the distance traveled and the total weight of the shipment. Poly mailer manufacturers aren’t always the cheapest choice, but they’re often the best value. This is because they are both lightweight and unobtrusive. Poly mailers add far less weight compared to other options like boxes when shipping charges are based on weight.

Poly mailers, being bags, more or less assume the form of the object being delivered and are just a few millimeters in thickness, making them ideal for calculating dimensional weight. When shipping, the dimensional weight of an item is increased by the size of the box it is sent in, even if the box is just a few inches bigger in all directions than the item itself.


Poly mailers may be used for a wide variety of shipping purposes. Shipping boxes must be of a similar size to the item being transported, however poly mailers of the same size may accommodate products of varying sizes and forms. This versatile poly mailer may be used to send anything from a letter to a jewelry box to a t-shirt. This is useful for retailers that have a wide variety of goods, since many of them may be sent in the same size poly mailer.


Companies may put their logos right on the wholesale poly mailers they use. Stickers and stamps may be used for further branding as well. Additional personal touches, like greeting cards and handwritten messages, are simple to include. A lot of companies provide custom printing services for poly mailers as an added perk for bulk orders. There are additional post-production printing choices if your numbers don’t meet the minimums.


Poly mailers are another useful option for sending packages. It’s possible you’ll need to stock up on packaging supplies if you expect to send a lot of things in a short amount of time. Poly mailers are thin and may be stored without drawing attention to themselves, making them preferable than a pile of boxes of varying sizes.