When words like perseverance and fortitude start pounding their importance on your mind, you know you are in a good place with your deaddiction.

You will hear the term Sobriety Calculator bandied about in AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous. 

What it is

This calculator keeps a track of the time you have been sober. If you want to know at the last second since you had a drink, you can use this. All you need to do is put the date of your last drink in and voila! Every single milestone should be a moment of celebration and if you have made some friends in your AA meeting all of you can go out and have fun, albeit without drinking!

There are many advantages of using a sobriety calculator. In almost all AA meetings that you attend, you will be advised by many to keep a track of your sober days. Let us understand the pros of using a calculator here:

1. Milestone mania

Committing to something is a big deal – even if it is something as mundane as a diet. A sobriety calculator tracks your commitment to the cause, and helps you to see the real-time progress you are making towards your recovery goals. Every milestone will energise you to reclaim your life further.  

2. Habits and more

It is believed that if you do something for an average 65 days in a row, it becomes a habit. With a calculator, you can count the number of days you have gone without reaching out for a drink. This will help you to aim for those 65 days, knowing that by the end, your not drinking will become a habit. Your own sobriety will keep you motivated.

3. Emotional connect

Every single recovering alcoholic will tell you just how much of a roller coaster this journey is. You may even fall off the wagon. However, resistance is key to recovery. And, every time you feel the urge to imbibe, all you have to do is take a look at the calculator and you will remember all the milestones which helped you get here.

4. Sharing is caring

In all local AA meeting, you would have seen how everyone shares their personal triumphs with the others, knowing fully well just how happy everyone will be for them. You too can share your milestones and revel in the good wishes coming your way, feeling that boost of confidence and strength to stay firmly on the wagon.

5. Community Connect

It is vital to connect with those who are sharing your journey, which may not include your family or friends. You can witness the others’ milestones while sharing your own achievements, and congratulate them too. It is a blessing to have familiar people holding your hand in these tough times.   

If you have been wondering about getting more information about AA, all you need to do is check out AA-Meetings.com. This is an exhaustive trove of details and advice on how to deal with alcoholism and ways to conquer the urge to imbibe.