Did you know that there is such a thing as taking too many vitamins? It may sound preposterous to some people, but it’s also the truth at the same time. Vitamins and other supplements have a specific dosage that you must comply with. 

Even though labels already include the dosage, per regulation. But most people tend to disregard them and take the vitamins and supplements any way they like. Little do they know that it can be dangerous for them.

The most popular vitamins are the first four letters A, B, C, and D. It’s common knowledge that you can get those vitamins from your food. Vitamin A and C are common in bright-colored fruits such as oranges, grapes, and tomatoes. And you already have vitamin D in your body, you only need to activate them by being under the sun for some time.

Vitamins and their side effects

You sure are familiar with the symptoms of vitamin deficiencies. It ranges from feeling lethargic, nauseous, and other. To be fair, each vitamin deficiency has different symptoms. But did you know that these symptoms are similar to the side effects?

Just like other supplements, taking vitamins can give side effects. The side-effects are mostly subtle, and only more apparent when you’re taking more than you should.

For example, you may taste a bit of iron taste in your tongue. This can be the side effect of taking Vitamin D and magnesium supplements. Most mineral supplements are most likely to leave a lingering iron taste. That is due to their nature as minerals.

The importance of getting the right dosage

Did you know that our bodies only need a small percentage of minerals daily? The numbers may look big, but in fact, it’s only a minuscule amount from what you need.

You should know the dosage for each vitamin and mineral that you need. Taking a capsule of 500mg of Vitamin C is enough to give your body an extra boost. However, sometimes you may not need that much. You can have a whole orange and enjoy the same benefit.

And yes, you can overdose on a vitamin. Intoxication or overdosing on a vitamin can be lethal for pregnant women and toddlers. A Vitamin intoxication can happen when you take a lot more vitamins than what you need.

Before taking any supplements or switching to a new brand, you should talk with your nutritionist or physician. You need to understand the dosage limit that you can take. As well as be aware of the side effects they have. 

Remember that supplements are just like the name, only to supplement or add the existing vitamins in our bodies. Taking them on the right dosage means you can maximize their potential.

Another thing to remember is that some supplements can complement or counter each other. That is why you often see vitamin D capsules that also have magnesium or a vitamin C that have a complete vitamin B. You should always read the labels carefully to ensure that it has all the minerals you need.  Good vitamins from  https://futuresnutrition.de/  check website now