The Simpsons, at least in it’s golden era (Seasons 3-7), rested on three pillars. Those pillars
were satire, comedy, and heart. With every episode, came a story that managed to squeeze all
three into the mix, providing an enjoyable viewing experience rivalved by no other. A story
capable of laughs, tears, and immense provocation regarding society, and in particular,
America’s backwater culture. Youtube to mp3 conversion not included.
Simpsons drawing of yourself So, how did The Simpsons writers and animators achieve such an incredible feat? Simple. With
their characters. Before the characters were “Flanderized” (oversimplified), almost all the
characters, even the secondary ones, portrayed complex motivations and emotions. Emotions
that were believable, because they stemmed from a genuine insight into the human experience.
Today, we’re celebrating the family that made us laugh, cry, and think the very hardest. We’re
looking at each of the family members one by one, and how they culminated into the most iconic
TV family of all time. Alrighty, let’s dive in.
Adorable, baby Maggie is the silent enigma of the Simpsons family. Pacifier firmly attached,
Maggie’s visual gags indicate a level of genius beyond even Lisa. What’s hilarious about Maggie
is how oblivious the rest of the family is to her brilliance. I like to think of Maggie as the wild card

  • sparingly used, but everytime she enters the spotlight, you know something insane is about to
    go down.
    Best Quote – NA
    Key Episode – Rosebud
    Lisa is my personal favourite of the family. Boasting an IQ of 159, it’s no wonder she feels so
    distant from her peers and family alike. Sarcastic, progressive, determined, and incredulously
    insightful, Lisa often shatters a scene with her uncomfortable truths. Truths that are so
    uncomfortable, the family often ignores them out of fear. To keep her grounded and relatable,
    she also has a heart of gold. Although her family doesn’t understand her, there’s still a deep
    connection between them, making Lisa such a warm, complex, brilliant character.
    Best Quote – “Dad. The second amendment is just a remnant from revolutionary days. It has no
    meaning today”.
    Key Episode – Lisa’s Substitute
    Bart quickly became the breakout star of The Simpsons for obvious reasons. He perfectly
    embodied the disattached, morally ambivalent attitude of generation x, opting for laughs and
    cynicism over hard work and values. Although this isn’t the recipe for a meaningful life, it
    certainly provides a bottomless well of iconic quips for us to quote over and over again.
    Best Quote – “I can’t promise I’ll try, but I’ll try to try”
    Key Episode – Bart The Daredevil
    Marge is somewhat of a tragic figure. She sacrificed her ambitions to be the mother and
    housekeeper of the dysfunctional family, constantly copping more than what’s to be fairly
    expected. Her patience and resilience is exceptionally commendable, and that’s why we love
    her. It’s not all sad though. Marge absolutely loves her family, flaws and all, and it’s always a
    treat when she shares in some of their devilish humour, letting out that signature, raspy laugh.
    Best Quote – “Oh, I’ve always wanted to use rosemary in something!”
    Key Episode – A Streetcar Named Marge
    At last we reach Simpson’s most iconic character, Homer Simpson. Homer is built upon some
    unflinching characteristics, making him one of the most hilariously believable characters of all
    time. These characteristics? He’s lazy. He’s selfish. He’s gluttonous. He’s ignorant. BUT, he truly
    loves his family. There’s a bit of Homer in all of us, and that’s why we can’t get enough of him.
    From wagging work to chowing donuts, Homer finds peace in the small things, and as stupid as
    he is, there’s definitely some quiet wisdom to his life ethos.
    Best Quote – “Ah beer. The cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems”
    Key Episode – Last Exit To Springfield